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American born in a small town of 2500 people in North Dakota, I was adventurous at a young age; which led me to be an intuitive risk taker.  In the midst of a busy corporate career, I was inspired by flowers when I began photographing them and discovered they were giving me magical messages of Divine wisdom.  Connecting to source energy became a form of meditation that quieted my chaotic mind and at the same time helped facilitate the evolution of my soul.  Unexpectedly this led me to blossom as a new age flower whisperer and become known as the Queen Bliss Bee.
Making “the jump” from my corporate ex-pat career catapulted me into following my passions and life purpose.  I started creating conscious collections of products designed to empower pure love & purpose with the intention of assisting others to blossom bliss in their lives.  We’ve been manufacturing our products with Balinese artisans who work with an empowered heart since 2009.
My life lessons and pearls of wisdom on my journey have helped me to understand how to “Be blissful”.   It is clear that our relationships with others allows us to experience love, healing and our power to create an intentional life.  I love to share stories on life’s journey and watch the world become a happier place.  It’s my mission to do what I can to assist in “Pollinating the Planet with Love”.

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