Alternative CDC Virus Cure

Tiny things can make a huge difference! The new epidemic…. FEAR. I thought it was loneliness. Which is still a rising epidemic but it’s being trumped right now. No pun intended — well actually, it is a political thing! I find the reflection of the collective consciousness that the Corona Virus is exposing to be quite incredible.

Afraid to LOVE?

Being in love, loving and feeling loved is such a magical experience and emotion. So why is there often a program running that is ‘afraid to lose it’? Why can’t it all just be blissful? When I first brought my dog, Ms Lily, home to my villa in the rice fields I was scared to

Nothing lasts forever; although love is eternal

Kids teach us unconditional love Nothing lasts forever; although love is eternal Love always moves me and it doesn’t have to be romantic love. Although kissing someone you hold dear to your heart is wonderful. For now lets stay focused on the core of unconditional love. Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods to grab a juice

Can you believe it? A Triple PhD!? Unheard of at my age….

Disclosure — This is not a real diploma of any sort — although many have thought it was! Yes, not one, not two, but three!! I’ve successfully graduated (self proclaimed) and while I wouldn’t normally disclose my performance, here goes… Please note: All grades are based on a sliding scale and averages consider performance of local Balinese culture. (Not your typical

The trip from hell joy ride

In total the journey was 39 HOURS! Making the trip from Ubud Bali to Jakarta, Java is crazy. Luckily my drivers were friendly and good — well we didn’t crash. But let me tell you how it went. Getting out of Ubud was like a never ending Road to Hana…. You journey up the mountain on a road with

The Real Issue? Fame, Fortune, Travel, Stardom, Success = Happiness

What if it’s all a lie. How thick is the veil of illusion? At a time when famous people who appear to have ‘everything’ commit suicide, the world stops. Or does it spin faster? The questions swirl around mental health issues. Why? How? What happened are the most common thoughts amidst the shock and awe of

What I love about death

Love never dies Losing a loved one is never easy and it doesn’t matter if its ‘expected’ or ‘unexpected’. Of course we always hope that they don’t suffer in the passing. When its your time to go, you will. Actually it’s all about will. Free will on the planet as a human is the most liberating idea

A Devil and A Guru: is there a difference?

The guru & the devil — is there a difference? Perhaps no — either can be framed as a misuse of power through the projections of the mind… Understandably, “power” is the beast that is driving the momentum of the planet. There’s an eternal fight of love vs. fear in the minds of humans. This is what creates the dualistic

‘The end’ of my EGO Era

My new book title, as if I don’t already have a gazillion in the hopper….. We don’t always SEE the MAGIC Yep, it came to me this morning that I’m really done. I am SO DONE with the doing. I love ‘to do’ but now it’s done. For real. The catepillar hanging from the sky

Gun Control — Is it the magician or the wand?

One thing I know from the law of attraction is what we fear, we bring near. So let’s take the mystery out of the incredibly difficult topic of gun violence. Some say education, others want guns banned, pleas for govt to just enforce the existing laws, and others throw their hands up in frustration without