Can you believe it? A Triple PhD!? Unheard of at my age….

Disclosure — This is not a real diploma of any sort — although many have thought it was!

Yes, not one, not two, but three!! I’ve successfully graduated (self proclaimed) and while I wouldn’t normally disclose my performance, here goes…

Please note: All grades are based on a sliding scale and averages consider performance of local Balinese culture. (Not your typical grading system but there is no normal in this world — only the extra-ordinary as I see it.)

PhD in Patience C+

My ‘average’ performance was calculated based on my last 5.5+ years of performances here in Bali. Due to failing grades that took place primarily in the first 1.5 years, it was more difficult to recover an above average grade point.

The Balinese are born with the highest levels of patience that I have ever seen in other humans. It’s just an amazing experience to witness someone being able to go with the flow. Bali time is no time. Recently I saw the movie WonderWoman and it was great when she says to the fallen soldier “what is time?” when referring to his watch. He then states that it tells you when to eat, to sleep, to work, etc. She then says in a bit of a quandry “You let that little thing control what you do in life?”. What a brilliant observation how time controls us and yet in higher levels of conciousness we know that it doesn’t exist.

In Bali, a driver will wait for you for hours. Doesn’t matter if you’re late, doesn’t matter if you get lost in the moment and its 2 hours instead of 30 min. It doesn’t matter if he goes into over time. He has very little, if not zero, expectation of what will happen as a result of the day. But he participates in the days activities through the eyes of a child, waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

What if we had no expectations of ourselves or others? What if we trusted that we would do things from a heart centered space and with good intention? Can you imagine what the planet would be like if we allowed ourselves to be in a Divine flow of energy and recognize everything is happening in the perfect moment?

PhD in communications A-
This is a sticky area as the degrees of communication also accounts for multiple languages and cultural barriers. Although I made tremendous stumbles early on, I was able to recover most situations quickly. I believe my high level of awareness and emotional intelligence along with my big heart shined through and saved me.

When you live in a foreign country (or are visiting) it can be challenging when you don’t speak the language. Why is it that we think repeating things and saying them louder will help the other person understand words in a language they do not know??? Embaressingly I found myself in this situation many times until I embraced the idea of Google translator. Which of course only gets you so far and then you resort to body language, eye contact, tone of voice and how you FEEL in the conversation.

The Balinese are incredible feelers. They use their body to read situations, people and predict what might happen next. They are great about sharing if they have a “good feeling” about someone or something. If they don’t, they often remain quiet and then you read them and know exactly what they are thinking as their body language shows it. Here’s where it gets really valuable to pay attention. Saying less, you actually learn more. What a novel idea coming from a corporate role where an opinion — of everything — is expected. If you can’t understand someone’s language there are so many more ways to communicate, starting with your heart.

PhD in NonDuality **

Since we know this is not something to be measured but rather experienced, I was given a double star for my ability to move through the layers. The veil has been lifting and I’m listening to my Divine, universal guidance leading me home to Unity consciousness.

This is a blog all on its own. I’ll have to say TBC. Just as a teaser, I thought as a light worker I was coming to Bali to live in the light. I quickly learned that I was placed here to learn all about the dark. Without knowing both, you don’t get the magnificence in the balance.

Upon graduation, we all know what this means… Application and Commitment to my life’s mission must go into full force.

I hope you’ll join me along the journey and assist in doing your inner soul work so we can all be “Pollinating the Planet with Love” together!

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