The Art of Heartful Living with James Woeber

Who doesn’t want to know more about how to be grounded in your heart space by feeling connected to yourself, others and an energy larger than you?  Hear James insights on how to bring loving energy in through the Art of heartful living.

Getting to the heart of the matter is a key element to living a joyous life.  James walks us through some tips and techniques to help us connect to our heart center and manifest one’s greatest dreams.  It’s through our personal journeys and soulful practices that we get clear direction and guidance. James’ approach combines multiple modalities to help you achieve alignment with your destiny.

About James Woeber

James Woeber is an international trainer, consultant and best-selling author who helps thought leaders, socially-minded entrepreneurs and executives to manifest their greatest dreams and serve as powerful change agents in the world. 

He is Co-Founder and CEO of Art of Heartful Living, a leadership and human potential training firm that for over 20 years has helped people free themselves from old patterns, find deep joy and fulfillment, and create positive change in their personal lives, organizations, and communities. James’s unique approach integrates 15 years as a family and systemic constellations facilitator and 25 years as an energy healing master.

He is a multi-award winning producer, director and writer in film, video, and multimedia with organizations spanning from socially-minded nonprofits to Fortune 1000 companies.

adminThe Art of Heartful Living with James Woeber
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