Find Your Individual Utopia With Guest Claire Rogers

Now more than ever, finding your own individual utopia is a shift that many want to make. Moving out of your comfort zone can be a big jump. Trusting your gut, tapping into support, and serving your soul can make all the difference. Listen in for a great discussion to hear how

Uninspired by the American Dream with Andrew Salony

Andrew Salony’s story reads a bit like the monk who sold his Ferrari only in reverse. At the age of 19, uninspired by the promise of the ‘American dream‘, he embarked on a seven-year monastic journey, trusting a road less travelled might bring him deeper insights and alignment with Mahatma Gandhi’s proclamation –“Be The Change You Wish To See In This World”.

Stand in Your Power with Charmaine Haworth

Struggling with a rare disease diagnosis of her young son, Charmaine experienced challenges that have lead to a miraculous treatment that’s made a magnificent change for her son and many others.

Don’t Take It Personal with Joel Young

Especially during challenging times, being your authentic self is important. Learn how to not take things so personal and do the inner reflection that helps you to stay grounded and happy. Joel Young is the creator and curator of the Non-Personal Awareness process known as NPA.

Orgasmic Meditations & Feminine Power with Emunah Malinovitz

Female sexual energy is a powerful topic that is discussed in detail and spans from bees to orgasmic meditation and ultimately the power of a woman’s most private parts. You’ll have a deeper understanding of pleasure, connection, and the power it holds.

Exploring Mother Nature’s Magic with Louie Schwartzberg

Mother Nature’s Beauty and magnificence has been appreciated all the way back to ancient civilizations. The interconnectedness of nature is available to help us understand and experience oneness. Yet humanity is struggling with epidemic levels of anxiety, depression, and disconnect. Hear insights Louie has gained from over 40 years of filming experience in this episode that captures a glimpse into nature’s superhighway of connection.

Creating the Conscious Good Network with Trina Wyatt

Living in the flow and finding the path to creating a Network with tremendous impact is Trina’s specialty. Learn from her personal journey how she followed her intuition and created opportunities that lead her to launch the Conscious Good Network, an online media platform that shares visual stories to transform society.

Putting PTSD out of Business with Susan Farren

Discussing the difficulties, tragedies and issues that don’t get discussed about the trauma First
Responders experience in their lives.

The 5 Key Principles of Wellness with Shea Vaughn

We discuss SheaNetics and the 5 key principles of wellness that will assist you in having a  balanced life. Learn wise wisdom and powerful tips from a successful entrepreneur and TV personality.

Happiness in Challenging Times Valerie Sheppard

This episode was recorded prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the content is relevant with key insights as I round table with a returning guest on the show, Valarie Sheppard, to talk about this timely topic of happiness!

Energy is Everything with Michele La Gamba-Himmel

Navigating Social media and marketing strategies is this week’s guest expertise. She’s also passionate about helping others to work with feminine energy to unlock their superpower.

The Reluctant Healer with Andrew Himmel

An attorney that uses logic by profession, unexpectedly becomes open to unexplainable phenomenon that challenges the way he views life.