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“I am grateful – knowing love – feeling love – B.L.I.S.S.”
This mini mantra word bar focuses on gratefulness for others to help us know love, experience and embody love.  Being grateful quickly guides our thoughts into a positive direction. Use this mantra to help you manifest more of what you want by being grateful for what you have.  Abundance of joy will naturally align as you blossom all your desires.


"I am grateful" Mini Mantra Word Bar


“Breathe – Baby – B R E A T H E – B.L.I.S.S.”
It’s the first and last thing we do coming in and going out of this world and in moments in yoga. Getting in touch with this life force that drives our every move is important. Yet, we often take this movement into our body for granted. Breath gets us through many of life’s dilemmas bringing peace, joy and love.


"Breathe baby" Mini Mantra Word Bar


“I am Grounded – I am present – My heart is open – B.L.I.S.S.”
When the world offers us chaos, uncertainty or a broken heart, its important to allow yourself to feel through the emotions and re-member back to source. Staying grounded in the ‘now’, allows you to be in the moment to share love unconditionally with others. The core of pure love anchors us back into our inner power & wisdom.


"I am grounded" Mini Mantra Word Bar


“Live Life – in Love – with everything – B.L.I.S.S.”
This mantra is inspired by the Balinese as they are always happy. Focus on the small things that bring you bliss and you’ll attract more of it and inspire many others along the way. Seeing the beauty and feeling the love, facilitates the magic of the Universe to bring you abundance. Love where you are right now, be happy and blossom bliss in your life.


"Live Life" Mini Mantra Word Bar


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Personal Intention Ceremony Kit



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