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    Alternative CDC Virus Cure

    Tiny things can make a huge difference!

    The new epidemic…. FEAR.

    I thought it was loneliness. Which is still a rising epidemic but it’s being trumped right now. No pun intended — well actually, it is a political thing!

    I find the reflection of the collective consciousness that the Corona Virus is exposing to be quite incredible. Let me first say, I do see that this virus can be deadly and I’m not discounting the severity for anyone that may have suffered or will suffer its symptoms.

    Let’s get to the heart of the matter. The Center for Disease Control aka C.D.C. has a responsibility to educate the public and they are doing that now. However, the point that I’d like to raise is I believe they are focused on the wrong points???? We know that fear increases cortisol levels but raising oxytocin levels should be the goal.

    I’m going to make some statements that I encourage anyone to comment on so that I can be better informed on existing data (please provide the source of information in the comments).

    Each year we have contagious flu viruses that run through communities like wildfire and many people die due to these viruses / flu. The corona virus death rate appears at the moment to be slightly higher than your typical flu. However, thousands more people have the corona virus than we know. If everyone was accounted for like the typical flu, would the percentages regarding death be more similar?

    CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million — 45 million illnesses, between 140,000–810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000–61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

    There was no wide spread fear spread like an epidemic, crashing the US stock market when the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronaviruses were in the media. Did it and I didn’t know? So why is there a toilet paper outage when diarrhea isn’t even on the top of the list for symptoms?

    Here’s what I really want to say. The CDC and the media should be sharing news alerts that look more like this:


    1. Stop eating sugar. Sugar feeds cancers and viruses. Eat in moderation fruits that contain natural sources of sugar. Organic berries are perfect to overcome any sweet tooth.
    2. Stop or reduce drinking alcohol. You’ll reduce sugar in many cases and you’ll give your liver a break from quivering so it can do its job eliminating other toxins that cause ill health.
    3. Get 8 hours of sleep. Spend less time on social media and your computer and you’ll easily get time back to inspect your eyelids.
    4. Work out & Breathe oxygen as deeply into your gut as you can. Oxygen kills viruses.
    5. Meditate more or at minimum spend 15 min thinking happy thoughts in a quiet place. Boost your immune system by thinking positive uplifting thoughts of gratitude during this time.
    6. Be grateful throughout the day. Focus on all the incredible things you have, not what you fear contracting. Or you will get it, we know the law of attraction works!
    7. Have more sex with someone you love. It’s one of the fastest ways to raise oxytocin levels and reduce cortisol levels. Boosting the immune system exponentially.
    8. Love one another, especially yourself. And you will attract love and light filled experiences that not only keep yourself immune to disease but can help heal others along the way.

    Why aren’t these simple tips the focus of the media? Instead, we have FEAR running through the media and peoples veins fighting for toilet paper and paper towel. Unbelievable really…

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    adminAlternative CDC Virus Cure
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    Afraid to LOVE?

    Being in love, loving and feeling loved is such a magical experience and emotion. So why is there often a program running that is ‘afraid to lose it’? Why can’t it all just be blissful?

    When I first brought my dog, Ms Lily, home to my villa in the rice fields I was scared to love her. I didn’t want to get too attached. I didn’t want to be ‘one of those dog people’ that treated their canine like a kid. But most importantly I didn’t want to experience loss of loving because in my mind there was a good chance that she’d run away.

    Morning walks in the rice fields

    Lily’s a wild dog. She has a pack mentality and survival is her innate programming. So it doesn’t really matter that I had a posh villa in the middle of the rice field with spectacular views, a great pool and air conditioning. However, she was keen on the free feeding schedule that provided a source of ongoing nutrients. I do believe she understood what being rescued meant.

    It was love at first sight actually.

    Truth be told, I didn’t want a rescue dog. I didn’t have time. I was designing my shop in Bali and the last thing I needed was a responsibility to a living, breathing person or pet.

    When the call came from a friend stating “you need to be this dogs mommy, she’s special” I said “I’ll have a look”. When our eyes met, they locked and it was a soul connection that wasn’t going to be broken. Yes, we had to build trust over time because she was wild and skeptical. So was I.

    It’s like when you feel that spark and it moves you. I mean really moves you. First love, first baby, first kiss kind of love. You feel it in your body like an imprint. And then we spend time trying to stop the thoughts about not wanting it to go away…..

    What if we realized that in each moment we are blessed with these types of encounters that its ok if it’s only a moment. And that if it’s meant to be something more, then each moment moving forward could be another moment to be grateful. For that moment and possibly many more. It’s a novel way to love but wouldn’t it be so freeing to just stay in each moment and know that LOVE is always inside ourselves. And that its an illusion that its outside of us?

    Seriously, I thought Lily was going to run away. She wasn’t willing to stay in the confines of my beautiful garden. It wasn’t enough for her. She needed a much larger perimeter to protect. So she jumped the wall and eventually I just left the gate open. Day after day I would come home from work and she’d still be there. She was ready to come into the air conditioning and snuggle in with me. She’d nuzzle her nose behind my back on the sofa or lay on my lap while I worked.

    As a pup she had to overcome a skin disease

    Eventually the bond became so strong that the fear of her running away dissipated. But the thoughts didn’t go away as I found something else to focus on that would keep my ideas of “loss of love” alive in my mind.

    What if someone stole her?

    What if she was run over by a car or a motorbike?

    What if she got sick and died?

    I prayed for her safety. I really wanted to take her to my shop on Monkey Forest Road to be the greeter so I could have a pulse on her day. But she didn’t like that job. Her cuteness attracted people like flies on poop. But when they got close to coming in, she barked and scared everyone off. We had a fake grass rug in the shop and her peeing on it was what broke the last straw.

    She was destined to do the job she loved, protecting the villa and running in the rice field with the other dogs. Probably bragging to all the others about her posh digs.

    Ironically she act like a princess and loves to have her collar put on. To a Bali dog that means you belong to someone and have MADE IT off the street.

    Lily has taught me a number of life lessons but unconditional love is at the top of the list. Being grateful for the moments we share and not being scared to love are right up there too!

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    adminAfraid to LOVE?
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    Nothing lasts forever; although love is eternal

    Kids teach us unconditional love

    Nothing lasts forever; although love is eternal

    Love always moves me and it doesn’t have to be romantic love. Although kissing someone you hold dear to your heart is wonderful. For now lets stay focused on the core of unconditional love.

    Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods to grab a juice with a friend. As we approached the register to order, I realized that we had accidentally cut in front of a young lady who was waiting to the side. So I politely informed my friend that this lady was next. She moved closer to me and I apologized saying I didn’t realize she was in line. We made eye contact and smiled. She moved again, closer to me. Right next to me in fact, almost touching side to side. I touched her arm in another gesture of apologies for not seeing her. She grabbed my right hand and said “oh, your hands are so warm”. I without any thought cupped both her hands in between mine to warm hers up. My hands were not only warm but HOT!

    Ironically for anyone who knows me, knows that my hands (nose and toes) are ALWAYS cold. I was surprised and in that moment felt a bit in a quandary as to how my hands were soo hot. And why I was snuggled next to this stranger holding her hands in an embrace of love? But I loved it, she loved it. It wasn’t until hours later after I left my friend that I found myself reflecting on the situation and feeling it was so unique and cherished the moment.

    Then I was promoted to ask the question “why does this have to be unique”? Why don’t we all touch each other a little more every day. In today’s litigious society perhaps physical touch isn’t the most appropriate way to interact with one another. But there are so many ways to express emotion that allows for free sharing and caring!

    That lady and I shared a lot in those 30-60 seconds. I’m certain our oxytocin levels rose as we both felt unconditional caring love between two humans. We could be more different on the outside. I’m tall, she’s short, I’m vanilla yellow skin and hair, she’s milk chocolate. There were no differences between us in that moment which was so spontaneous and natural.

    I feel grateful to have an open heart (well, most of the time). It’s what allows me to connect with others on a soul level. But I don’t always flex this open heart muscle. As of today I’m going to consciously do my best to keep it open. It’s these small things of shifting energy between us that can make a big difference. It’s the warm glow we all want and need to lift us through the mundane aspects of human routines. An injection of inspiration to know that each one of us have a choice to make our day and someone elses brighter than ever.

    If only a smile, a head nod of appreciation or a touch of the hand, together we can move mountains and be Pollinating the Planet with Love. Who’s in?

    Everyone matters

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    adminNothing lasts forever; although love is eternal
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    Can you believe it? A Triple PhD!? Unheard of at my age….

    Disclosure — This is not a real diploma of any sort — although many have thought it was!

    Yes, not one, not two, but three!! I’ve successfully graduated (self proclaimed) and while I wouldn’t normally disclose my performance, here goes…

    Please note: All grades are based on a sliding scale and averages consider performance of local Balinese culture. (Not your typical grading system but there is no normal in this world — only the extra-ordinary as I see it.)

    PhD in Patience C+

    My ‘average’ performance was calculated based on my last 5.5+ years of performances here in Bali. Due to failing grades that took place primarily in the first 1.5 years, it was more difficult to recover an above average grade point.

    The Balinese are born with the highest levels of patience that I have ever seen in other humans. It’s just an amazing experience to witness someone being able to go with the flow. Bali time is no time. Recently I saw the movie WonderWoman and it was great when she says to the fallen soldier “what is time?” when referring to his watch. He then states that it tells you when to eat, to sleep, to work, etc. She then says in a bit of a quandry “You let that little thing control what you do in life?”. What a brilliant observation how time controls us and yet in higher levels of conciousness we know that it doesn’t exist.

    In Bali, a driver will wait for you for hours. Doesn’t matter if you’re late, doesn’t matter if you get lost in the moment and its 2 hours instead of 30 min. It doesn’t matter if he goes into over time. He has very little, if not zero, expectation of what will happen as a result of the day. But he participates in the days activities through the eyes of a child, waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

    What if we had no expectations of ourselves or others? What if we trusted that we would do things from a heart centered space and with good intention? Can you imagine what the planet would be like if we allowed ourselves to be in a Divine flow of energy and recognize everything is happening in the perfect moment?

    PhD in communications A-
    This is a sticky area as the degrees of communication also accounts for multiple languages and cultural barriers. Although I made tremendous stumbles early on, I was able to recover most situations quickly. I believe my high level of awareness and emotional intelligence along with my big heart shined through and saved me.

    When you live in a foreign country (or are visiting) it can be challenging when you don’t speak the language. Why is it that we think repeating things and saying them louder will help the other person understand words in a language they do not know??? Embaressingly I found myself in this situation many times until I embraced the idea of Google translator. Which of course only gets you so far and then you resort to body language, eye contact, tone of voice and how you FEEL in the conversation.

    The Balinese are incredible feelers. They use their body to read situations, people and predict what might happen next. They are great about sharing if they have a “good feeling” about someone or something. If they don’t, they often remain quiet and then you read them and know exactly what they are thinking as their body language shows it. Here’s where it gets really valuable to pay attention. Saying less, you actually learn more. What a novel idea coming from a corporate role where an opinion — of everything — is expected. If you can’t understand someone’s language there are so many more ways to communicate, starting with your heart.

    PhD in NonDuality **

    Since we know this is not something to be measured but rather experienced, I was given a double star for my ability to move through the layers. The veil has been lifting and I’m listening to my Divine, universal guidance leading me home to Unity consciousness.

    This is a blog all on its own. I’ll have to say TBC. Just as a teaser, I thought as a light worker I was coming to Bali to live in the light. I quickly learned that I was placed here to learn all about the dark. Without knowing both, you don’t get the magnificence in the balance.

    Upon graduation, we all know what this means… Application and Commitment to my life’s mission must go into full force.

    I hope you’ll join me along the journey and assist in doing your inner soul work so we can all be “Pollinating the Planet with Love” together!

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    adminCan you believe it? A Triple PhD!? Unheard of at my age….
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    The trip from hell joy ride

    In total the journey was 39 HOURS!

    Making the trip from Ubud Bali to Jakarta, Java is crazy. Luckily my drivers were friendly and good — well we didn’t crash. But let me tell you how it went.

    Getting out of Ubud was like a never ending Road to Hana…. You journey up the mountain on a road with more curves and bumps than a sophisticated roller coaster ride. Going down the other side was just as thrilling. Let’s just say I couldn’t do anything but focus straight ahead or I would have been sick with all the twists, turns and many moments of micro airborne maneuvers. As I was thinking about how I could describe this experience three different descriptions came to mind.

    Description #1.

    Think LA 405/5 freeway in rush hour or Ubud / Seminyak in high season

    The traffic was horrific and we spent a lot of time crawling along. I think the pothole effects are equally as bad going fast verses slow. I don’t know how the vehicle still had tires and functioning shocks on the truck.

    It didn’t matter what time of day it was because if it wasn’t commuter traffic it was cargo hauls. Non stop zooming and weaving of motorbikes, vehicles, cargo vans and semi’s. There’s millions of people on this island and during this trip it felt like they were all on the road at the same time. I don’t know how anyone could do this day after day. It’s exhausting and the car exhaust is an incredible threat to quality of life.

    I also wondered in moments if other people on the road were reflecting on the value of life. I guess its no different than being stalled on major freeways in the USA during rush hour. The biggest differences were the amount of toxins people were being exposed to and the chaos of no one staying within any lanes as every lane on the road was filled with some type of vehicle that would prefer moving at high speeds.

    Description #2

    High speed police chase but we are in the lead.

    When the road was open we went so fast I thought I might hurl at moments. That along with the intense swerving in between vehicles. I’m used to this at slow speeds on motorbike in Ubud- but this was insane. The most likely thing to do would be to ask the driver to slow down but it just didn’t seem right to not leverage high speeds with an open road because it happened so infrequently. And he was a natural and seemed to know every bump along the way!

    I’ve always wanted to see studies on this go fast only to go slow in traffic phenomenon. You know the high speed driver that cruises past you on the freeway only to see them at the next stop light or traffic jam. It always seems to come down to balance and flow but I would find any research on this interesting, especially on the roads in Indonesia.

    The driver seemed to have some kind of protective bubble that no one has been killed yet. It’s like you constantly want to put your foot on the break and say whoa!!!! Then you have to feel into it and be in the flow or you will shatter from the resistance. Because a majority of the time it’s slow and increadibly frustrating. I prayed alot and texted my friends to pray alot. Especially knowning that sleep deprivation is not a good combination with high speeds, chaos and road bumps. Although there are no stray dogs wandering across the road like in Bali which helped.

    Description #3

    Imagine flying on a plane for 39 hours with extreme turbulence 100% of the time. That pretty much sums it up. Terror and awe all the way.

    Some additional highlights from the road trip included the following:

    I chose seafood wrapped in Banana leaf & rice

    Indonesian food or Starve

    We only stopped at local warungs / restaurants. This was not a luxury tour and you ate when the car stopped at a place that served food. This did not happen very frequently so you had to take what you could get. I like indonesian food but I’m a little cautious about eating from the local places as Bali belly or Java belly is NO FUN. Especially when you’re trapped in a car at high speeds with no western toilets or toilet paper in sight.

    Shitty Toilets

    where’s the TP?

    Shitty toilets, literally. And for those of you who know me well, I love Toilet Paper. For some reason it’s been my best friend and when traveling in Asia anyone knows you need to bring your own tissues — for everything. Amongst all the other items I needed to bring, this one slipped my mind.

    I know how to use these traditional in the ground toilets so I got it all figured out but it wasn’t my preference! The worse was on one of the toilet stops, the ground was bug infested and it was unavoidable that you had to squat knowing there was a high chance a bug would fly in upward motion as you moved downward. Mind control…

    No views

    its all a blur

    While many were thinking this was a scenic jungle, ocean view drive, it was quite the contrary. A friend said “send videos” apparently thinking there was something interesting to see. There were no views other than roads, cars, pollution and crap by the side of the road. The jungle was far from existance and most of the landscape was dry and brown.


    The smell of the medicinal oil being spread all over the drivers body (I suspect to stay awake) will haunt me. By complete accident I bought it at a Warung along the way. It said healing oil so I thought why not for $1.25, what could it hurt? Only to see shortly afterwards the bottle of the oil the driver was using was the SAME ONE! For fair balance the good news is that neither of my drivers had body odour!!!! What a blessing.

    Motorbikes everywhere, head on collision near misses are a natural and expected occurence on this journey. Luckily nothing that a horn can’t stop from happening according to my driver. I’ve never experienced non stop horn usage while on a road trip. Despite all this I’m happy to have arrived safely! Although my hotel upon arrival at 2:30AM was incredibly disgusting. I think that’s an entire blog on its own. Here’s a sneak peak:

    they must rent by the hour as the mirror on the ceiling seemed to be its best feature

    Quiet Ride

    I don’t think I mentioned that the drivers didn’t speak English and my bahasa is rubbish. Enough said. The end.

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    adminThe trip from hell joy ride
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    The Real Issue? Fame, Fortune, Travel, Stardom, Success = Happiness

    What if it’s all a lie.

    How thick is the veil of illusion?

    At a time when famous people who appear to have ‘everything’ commit suicide, the world stops. Or does it spin faster? The questions swirl around mental health issues. Why? How? What happened are the most common thoughts amidst the shock and awe of these talented and loved stars sudden extinction from the planet.

    Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain were loved, by millions. Their success and their brilliant personalities were admired by so many. So what’s the underlying issue? Is it mental health issues? Do we even agree on how to define those words when used together? A chemical imbalance? How does this happen? Is it the Ego mind issues that keep us in the empty illusion of who we think we are or should be. How does that impact our hormones?

    I believe the issue is quite simple. Not easy, per se, but simple. We all want to love and be loved. We contemplate ‘loves me, loves me not’ and our mood often fluctuates depending on the answer. But what if it all comes back to ‘love thyself’ first? What if we didn’t look for external validation in order to judge our own success or where others fit in?

    My recent trip back to the USA brought the topic of drug addiction close to my heart. It was shocking to learn of family members who are struggling with their children hooked on drugs. Not one, not two, but more than that. All I can think is “I KNOW THESE PARENTS” and I know how big their hearts are and all the opportunities and love they have provided over the years. These are not abusive or neglecting parents. It’s actually quite the opposite. So WHY are we dealing with this? What is happening in large communities of people that is driving this behaviour of destruction?

    For the younger generations we can blame it on popularity and perhaps an identity crisis trying to ‘find oneself’. Easy to think that perhaps the expecations of life is too stressful, the standards too high or a plethera of other things that youngsters experience as they become programmed for survival in this world. The pain and suffering is deep and at such a young age people are either destroying their life or eliminating it. We often think if only they could have finished the degree, secured a good job, knew their potential or realized how loved they are….things would be different. But would they?

    How is it that the well established people who have achieved fame, fortune, global travel, stardom and built successful businesses choose an early exit plan? Aren’t many of us aspiring to their success and influence??? Shit, what does that mean when they eliminate themselves? It kind of shatters the idea that we are here to achieve something, doesn’t it?!

    I believe the core of the issue always comes back to community, knowing love, feeling love and being love — unconditionally. Better known as self love. That deep inner glow that lets us know we are perfect and whole. A time and space where the light shines brightly through our selves for others to experience. When we experience this radient love within ourselves, we know that it is not something anyone can take away from us. So why is it so flippin’ hard to experience?


    Re-progarmming our hearts and minds to reflect our souls purpose, not what we think the world wants us to be. Going inward where the light shines bright instead of letting someone outside dampen the glow.

    What if we pursevered through life with the intention to love ourselves as deeply as we do others, especially lovers. What if our big loves were only here to help us feel that deep self love so that we know what it is. What if we knew that it wasn’t really coming from another but is a pilot light within ourselves. Always on, always home and constantly waiting for you to bask in its glow?

    The world is an illusion. One that is here to show us what our minds are thinking, not who we are. The external world needs to be put in its place and watched like a movie theatre, not followed for fame and fortune. No one can value your worth more than yourself.

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    adminThe Real Issue? Fame, Fortune, Travel, Stardom, Success = Happiness
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    What I love about death

    Love never dies

    Losing a loved one is never easy and it doesn’t matter if its ‘expected’ or ‘unexpected’. Of course we always hope that they don’t suffer in the passing. When its your time to go, you will.

    Actually it’s all about will. Free will on the planet as a human is the most liberating idea we can embrace. But we fight it when it comes to death and dying.

    About a week before my Grandmothers passing I had received a call that she was sliding down hill fast. The nursing home didn’t think she’d stay much longer. So I went to the ocean, sat on a bench and tuned in to her. Talked to her in spirit and gave her the same message over and over. The message was simple “there’s nothing left to do here and you’re free to go”.

    There’s nothing worse than seeing a loved one ‘hang on’. Why do they do that? Fear of death? Fear of leaving and wanting everyone to be ok?

    I could see on my last visit that my Grandma was vacillating between the earth plane and another dimension. Most people thought she was falling asleep but I knew where she was going. To that beautiful place where time doesn’t exist and nothing matters except joining with others in love. So I couldn’t resist asking her how Grandpa was doing and if she’d seem him recently. Although he’s been dead for several years, she had in fact just been out dancing with him. How beautiful to know that he was by her side encouraging her transition in a way that she so loved.

    I was joyously swinging at the beach when I received the call that my Grandma had passed. Moments prior, I was so happy watching the waves crash with the pier on the horizon. I felt like a kid, free as a bird when my phone rang. I knew when I heard my Dad’s voice what was coming next. I cried with him and then suddenly felt the opening.

    I felt deep sadness for my Dad and for our loss. I wanted to hug him and show him that I love him. In my mind I quickly saw all my relatives who I love and adore and haven’t seen in quite some time. It threw me into this huge swell of appreciation, love and gratitude for my extended family. Without my Grandma, my Dad wouldn’t be here. Neither would my fond memories of holidays together with my cousins or my love for Norweigan pancakes. In fact my whole life would be different if it wasn’t for her bringing these souls in and being such a great woman holding us all together in love.

    What I loved was that death was giving me an opportunity to open my heart in a deeper way. It was offering me the experience of gratitude for all that relationships have to offer. To know that we are all connected in light filled ways. To know that as souls whether its heartbreak or loss that we’re here to experience love and share it with others. So love is really what its all about isn’t it?

    My Grandma was really ready to get out of here — this place on earth where the vibration can feel heavy. It felt like the deeper message was to leverage loss for love. When the heart breaks open it offers us an opportunity to step into a higher vibration. One that allows our heart to be open in gratitude.

    Let’s hug our loved ones a little longer, express our feelings a little more and be the bliss we want to feel.

    Eternal love rocks

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    adminWhat I love about death
  • A Devil and A Guru: is there a difference?

    The guru & the devil — is there a difference?

    Perhaps no — either can be framed as a misuse of power through the projections of the mind…

    Understandably, “power” is the beast that is driving the momentum of the planet. There’s an eternal fight of love vs. fear in the minds of humans. This is what creates the dualistic view we all maneuver through on earth. While the topic may feel foreign to many, the more we embrace the idea that we are souls having a human experience, the more efficient we are in achieving peace, happiness and bliss in our lives.

    Do we need to judge the actions or beliefs of one another? The answer is a resounding NO. What if we eliminated the thoughts about others completely and we were the only human standing? We would inevitably eliminate “monkey see, monkey do”. We started there and we actually haven’t evolved that far despite the revolutionary advances in technology. We’re still watching and judging others, no?

    Speaking of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) gets us deeper into the illusion of power. Who’s in control? Me, you, money, love, fear or the bacteria in our bodies? Something outside of ourselves that claims to have something you don’t? A guru who is perceived to have some super power that you don’t see inside yourself? Wonderful topics to talk about but much more enticing to experience in order to blow up the illusions that we came here to expose.

    So we bring experiences with the devil & guru archetypes into our lives to blossom the core of our being. It accelerates humanity to move out of thinking a guru is necessary and highlights the light within ourselves. The desire to dance with the devil will remain until the light is so palatable that we know there is no other choice than to know our own light and shine it brightly. Non attachment and no need to feel fulfilled by helping others to maintain their power while losing yours — results in the freedom that the soul desires.

    As a human race we strive for acceptance, recognition and validation for why we are here. Often times this relates to things, an image or a persona that others perceive as powerful. But it’s when we know that our power is within and has nothing to do with the outside world — we know that we are the bliss.

    Cheers to the Guru that lies within and the ability to laugh at our own density. Namaste.

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    adminA Devil and A Guru: is there a difference?
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    ‘The end’ of my EGO Era

    My new book title, as if I don’t already have a gazillion in the hopper…..

    We don’t always SEE the MAGIC

    Yep, it came to me this morning that I’m really done. I am SO DONE with the doing. I love ‘to do’ but now it’s done. For real. The catepillar hanging from the sky this morning jolted me into re-membering the obvious secrets of trusting in the Universe.

    I’ve had several great & challenging phone calls over the last few days with my high vibe friends and there’s one common thread. I feel this deep hole in my gut (3rd chakra to be specific) that is shifting my awareness. Transforming me through the pain of my EGO body into no other choice than to transcend the mind.

    When the feeling comes on its so icky and demotivating. I get into a space where nothing feels necessary and life is boring. Yes, I live in Bali and bliss is abundant all around and I saver this honour and live a bliss filled life. I’m in it, I’m connected — but not all the time. It feels like a spiritual drug addiction. Wanting to be in ‘the flow’ and ‘in the magic’ constantly but finding my self obsessed with the feelings and experiences of when I’m ‘NOT there’.

    Then I judge myself for what I haven’t done. Maybe its more meditation, eating more greens, breathing more deeply, becoming more grateful. The list is endless of what my mind starts projecting and the feeling only gets deeper. To make it worse, I KNOW that I’m doing this to MYSELF and that there is another way and that I can embody this other vibration through my intention. A WAY that I am so very familiar with but that I don’t often choose to recognize.

    Let go.

    Not of things or ideas but of my identity. What if I didn’t have a story? What if every day was fresh and new? Many of you reading this may want to say — right, we’ve heard all of this “let go of your story” many times before. I happen to really love my story btw. Little scandinavian girl grows up in the prairies of ND and flys off into the big city and bright lights. Has an incredible career, travels the world and eventually leaves her luxury lifestyle for helmet hair, flip flops and the rice fields of Bali. But I’m telling you, actually choosing to let go of your human identity??… things get ugly for awhile.

    The EGO realizes that it is, in fact, losing its job (thank you course in miracles for spelling this out so eliquently). It’s starts throwing out many, many tricks of the mind that manifest oh so easily to keep you back in the illusion. Whether its going broke or having the energy of passion projects go -poof!- right before your very eyes, one by one… the EGO WILL CAPTURE your attention. And make you believe that you are THAT. A bank account, a project, or a person. Man it sucks as you move through the manipulation of YOUR OWN MIND!!!!

    So today while talking with my dear friend Daniel, I heard myself telling some of the same stories yet again. Desiring my alignment to soul and self to become one more consistently, closing the gap if you will. I realized that I needed to use his advice of ‘Radical Mindfulness’ (his new book which is a must read when it launches!!!) to set the intention of getting my EGO mind in the back seat so that my SPIRIT heart can be in the drivers seat and lead the way. It is the only way to maneuver amongst the earth plane with grace and ease.

    It sounds so foo foo or woo woo but it’s so profound if you actually set your intention to do it. And of course this isn’t a new message…. My friend Julz spent 2 hours on the phone a few days ago trying to gently insert it past my mind but the sheild of my EGO mind was still too thick! I kept thinking — I’ve done all of ‘that’ BEFORE and it ‘didn’t work’. oh do I love to judge what works and doesn’t work. It’s the trap that keeps you in the human illusion. How can a miracle happen if we stay in the energy of the illusion (read ACIM)? Nothing needs to WORK, we just need to allow it to UNFOLD.

    What? Yes, everything becomes unpredictable and magical. So why don’t we all just do it? Because we don’t want to relinquish control…and we want to SEE everything, PROVE everything, and KNOW everything so that we can CLAIM it as our doing or understand our IDENTITY. It’s all rubbish. But what if our ‘accomplishing’ is through our non doing and more our being? A tough programming system to break. Especially when you come from the corporate world where results = success = and that equals purpose. Oh so, NOT! If this were the case then why would so many beautiful corporate souls like myself leave that life and come to Bali on holiday or build a life here? (and I loved what I did but Pollinating the Planet with Love is so much better)

    So the green catepillar that appeared to be hanging in the sky was my reminder of the ILLUSION. I couldn’t see what it was connected to but I knew that it wasn’t just HANGING there on its own. There must be a web somewhere but I couldn’t see it from any angel. The light was perfectly glimmering through the jungle and the string should have caught a glimpse of it at some point, no?

    I stood there videoing for some time. A motorbike driver came by and I thought the worm was going to smash into his face. Nope, his connection remained untouched and he was still suspended doing cirque du soleil movements like there was an audience of thousands.

    It was then that I quickly realized that mother nature was yet again giving me an example of the illusion. Reminding me that we don’t always have to SEE or KNOW how the magic happens but that we’re here just to ENJOY it. My choice. Doing with the EGO mind or being with my SPIRIT heart. I choose flowing in creation and knowing that its already done.

    There’s nothing left to do.

    Namaste, little florecent green cirque du soleil worm!

    PS. When I came back literally 3 min later, he was gone.

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    admin‘The end’ of my EGO Era
  • 12AUEHzVyqk5l_c8XWUpiyH0Q.jpeg

    Gun Control — Is it the magician or the wand?

    One thing I know from the law of attraction is what we fear, we bring near. So let’s take the mystery out of the incredibly difficult topic of gun violence. Some say education, others want guns banned, pleas for govt to just enforce the existing laws, and others throw their hands up in frustration without a real solution. All understandable reactions to gun violence as I agree that we must DO SOMETHING. But I don’t believe any of these address the deeper issue at hand.

    I think we need to focus on the topic of connection and community. It will solve a lot of issues other than just gun violence. I’m not an expert but I have life experience. I grew up in a town of 2500 people and I thought it totally sucked. I knew everybody and everybody knew me. And they probably knew what I did Friday night and if they didn’t, most likely made something up!

    Disliking small town led me to use my imagination and strengthen my manifestation skills as I was determined to get out. My BFF and I would sit outside in her parents car on the farm for HOURS pretending that we were driving off to the big city and bright lights. We knew we were bolder than what this little town had to offer.

    So early in life we were both OFF to bigger and better places. I went to CA and she went to live in NYC. Unfortunately we couldn’t have been farther away from one another (within the USA) but we stay closely connected even until this day. My connection to her, knowing she’s out there and she knows my entire life’s story and is available for me to call helps me feel connected. In a way that makes me know I’m not alone in the universe.

    Honestly I’ve stayed out of the gun conrol topic for the most part, up until now. I write this not to argue a point but to raise consciousness that all anyone really wants is LOVE. To love and be loved, it’s that simple. We often feel love through others by being recognized. Sometimes just for being human and having someone care that we exist on the planet. Many learn love in childhood as external and in many cases programmed to believe it is conditional.

    I don’t know the statistics or if they even exist but I would imagine in todays world there is a large percentage of people who don’t feel their existence matters. If they don’t matter in their minds then why would it matter in their minds what they do?

    In a cry for attention and validation, people become violent. Why? Because they feel separated, alone disconnected and unworthy of love — from others or their own self-love. When the pain of loneliness, and separation goes so deep, it’s unavoidable to try to take happiness away from others in an effort to stay alive. The dark will always suck on the light to exist.

    Looking back on my small town experiences, I know the value in community. Over the years, I’ve spoken of my appreciation for what I’ve learned: Respect of others (especially elders), contributing to the whole, and being raised by a tribe to name a few. For me the tribe was our families involvement in the church along with other organizations my parents leaned on for support. Everyone knew your business and that was a double edged sword. Knowing what I know now, I’d take small town gossip over a big city of separation to grow up in.

    The reality is that there are not that many small towns left and many parents would be miserable living in one. Without different social and cultural influences, communities can lack diversity. We need this dynamic and so do the children as we can learn so much from it. So if we’re not going to live in a small town, then we need to create our own within city living. Not to separate but to collaborate.

    I’ve told this next story many times before. One day after a high school track meet we convinced the bus driver to drag main and do fire drills. Simply meaning that we drove up and down one main street and he’d stop to let us all out to run around the bus only to get back in again. Well I had mischievously bought a condom at a rest stop on the way back to town. I decided to blow it up and hang it out the back window. An elder in the community saw this and the next thing I knew he told my dad and my dad had to have a talk with me.

    The man who had observed me was concerned as his daughter became pregnant prior to graduating high school and was shipped off to CA to reduce embarrassment. He didn’t want that to happen to me so he brought it to my dad’s attention. OK, maybe an extreme example but the point is observation and action by community members.

    Let’s talk about action. People love to observe and judge. That’s not what I’m referring to. In general, if we observe children not being cared for in communities, we need to do something about it. To actively include them, especially if we think the parents are nut jobs. Maybe in some cases report them, but first try to connect with them. No one wins when we try to figure out who’s the cutest, most popular or the most resourceful kid on the block. It’s when we connect with the heart center of other humans that we know what true love is and the rewards come naturally. The more we teach this to our children, the better chances they have to embody connection to the heart, not the mind as an adult.

    I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my family, BFF and all the other soul mates I’ve met on the journey. When I get lonely, I reach out. Many don’t have this available to them because they haven’t been given the tool box to even know how. If it wasn’t for the attention that my parents placed on me at a young age, I would be in a totally different situation right now.

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I am hunter safety certified. I know how to fire a gun and I have done so on several occasions. I even received small plastic trophies for my marksmanship at a young age. I hope that I will never be faced with having to use a gun but I’m not scared of them. Why? Because my dad took the time to educate me on the POWER of guns. But more importantly he showed me what the POWER of LOVE can do.

    Both my parents took the time to demonstrate unconditional love as well as tough love when it was necessary to keep the sail going in the right direction. I don’t remember a day that they didn’t make themselves available to hear what I had to say or what I was FEELING. So in the end it feels the message is about CHOICES we make in the TIME we take to CONNECT with each other. To LISTEN to how one another feels, especially when we’re irrational. That’s what helps us diffuse our emotion so it doesn’t get suppressed or turn to anger. If we start by listening to our children and encouraging them to express their feelings along with unconditional love, it makes the journey for many a lot less painful.

    I feel for the loss of all the loved ones due to gun violence who have left the earth plane in what seems like “before their time”. I feel equally for all the lost souls on the earth wanting and waiting to be heard.

    Join in Raising a tribe?

    An example of a potential opportunity… What if the next time you are on a plane and someone’s child screams for hours in the seat in front of you that you cared more, not less? Instead of notifying them of one’s annoyance by pushing the back of the chair where the mother is squished in the seat holding the child… What if we smiled at them with empathy and understanding that we know what they are going through must suck. Refraining from judging their parenting abilities or style. I don’t know that we can change their situation but we may be able to change their life simply by connecting through a smile or nice gesture. Let’s give it a try and find out.

    Taking the magic wand away from the magician doesn’t stop the magic from happening.

    Shine your light brightly and be the beacon of bliss you wish to feel. And you too will be Pollinating the Planet with Love.

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