What I love about death

Love never dies

Losing a loved one is never easy and it doesn’t matter if its ‘expected’ or ‘unexpected’. Of course we always hope that they don’t suffer in the passing. When its your time to go, you will.

Actually it’s all about will. Free will on the planet as a human is the most liberating idea we can embrace. But we fight it when it comes to death and dying.

About a week before my Grandmothers passing I had received a call that she was sliding down hill fast. The nursing home didn’t think she’d stay much longer. So I went to the ocean, sat on a bench and tuned in to her. Talked to her in spirit and gave her the same message over and over. The message was simple “there’s nothing left to do here and you’re free to go”.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a loved one ‘hang on’. Why do they do that? Fear of death? Fear of leaving and wanting everyone to be ok?

I could see on my last visit that my Grandma was vacillating between the earth plane and another dimension. Most people thought she was falling asleep but I knew where she was going. To that beautiful place where time doesn’t exist and nothing matters except joining with others in love. So I couldn’t resist asking her how Grandpa was doing and if she’d seem him recently. Although he’s been dead for several years, she had in fact just been out dancing with him. How beautiful to know that he was by her side encouraging her transition in a way that she so loved.

I was joyously swinging at the beach when I received the call that my Grandma had passed. Moments prior, I was so happy watching the waves crash with the pier on the horizon. I felt like a kid, free as a bird when my phone rang. I knew when I heard my Dad’s voice what was coming next. I cried with him and then suddenly felt the opening.

I felt deep sadness for my Dad and for our loss. I wanted to hug him and show him that I love him. In my mind I quickly saw all my relatives who I love and adore and haven’t seen in quite some time. It threw me into this huge swell of appreciation, love and gratitude for my extended family. Without my Grandma, my Dad wouldn’t be here. Neither would my fond memories of holidays together with my cousins or my love for Norweigan pancakes. In fact my whole life would be different if it wasn’t for her bringing these souls in and being such a great woman holding us all together in love.

What I loved was that death was giving me an opportunity to open my heart in a deeper way. It was offering me the experience of gratitude for all that relationships have to offer. To know that we are all connected in light filled ways. To know that as souls whether its heartbreak or loss that we’re here to experience love and share it with others. So love is really what its all about isn’t it?

My Grandma was really ready to get out of here — this place on earth where the vibration can feel heavy. It felt like the deeper message was to leverage loss for love. When the heart breaks open it offers us an opportunity to step into a higher vibration. One that allows our heart to be open in gratitude.

Let’s hug our loved ones a little longer, express our feelings a little more and be the bliss we want to feel.

Eternal love rocks

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