Leveraging AI (Ancestral Intelligence) to Accelerate Healing with Gary Stuart

Have you ever thought about how your ancestors have impacted your life energetically?  How you behave, what you’ve attracted in your life and those subconscious beliefs that can be hard to detect?  Family constellation work is a profound process that helps release self-limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind that are not serving your higher good.  Today’s episode is a round table discussion about AI – Ancestral intelligence and how the other AI Artificial intelligence overlaps. It’s an intriguing way of thinking about your soul circle of influence whether they are still here or passed on to the other side.

About Gary Stuart

Gary Stuart was drawn to constellation healing work over 20 years ago, he was so impressed with the healing power of constellations that he dedicated over two decades of his life to this practice and his healing journey of self discovery started in his 20’s. Nothing he had ever experienced had touched him so deeply and profoundly as constellation healing. He literally had to throw out everything he thought he knew. Since then, Gary is a master constellation, facilitator, and speaker and author, and he has facilitated over 10,000 constellation healing experiences. During his 20 plus year career.

Beth BellLeveraging AI (Ancestral Intelligence) to Accelerate Healing with Gary Stuart
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