Spiritual Ritual & Self Love Immersion with Guest Tara Teipel

How rituals help you get & stay connected to your inner wisdom.  A journey through life to find who we really are by finding the guru within.  How to satisfy your soul and live your purpose. Crystals, rituals and self love are in the forefront of this episode’s topics!

You’ll hear about her journey to India, having a child, and approaching heartbreak.  Tara speaks about finding the inner guru, the importance of rituals and interesting information on crystals and stones.

About Tara Teipel

Tara Teipel is a healing arts is a healing arts practitioner, author, global traveler and entrepreneur, a lifelong seeker of wisdom consciousness studies, an inner life exploration. The alchemical blend of Tara’s work studies and travel inspired her to birth “my spiritual ritual,” and the “self love immersion” course. A mission based company passionate about helping others use spiritual ritual to connect with the sacred and everyday life.

Beth BellSpiritual Ritual & Self Love Immersion with Guest Tara Teipel
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