The 5 Key Principles of Wellness with Shea Vaughn

We discuss SheaNetics and the 5 key principles of wellness that will assist you in having a  balanced life. Learn wise wisdom and powerful tips from a successful entrepreneur and TV personality.  A range of topics are discussed including the ideas of romantic love that helps guide us to learn some of life’s bigger lessons.

About Shae Vaughn

Shea Vaughn is the Co-Founder/CEO of WBTVN, a celebrity speaker and TV host. Ms. Vaughn is also the Creator/CEO of SheaNetics®; a values-based doctor-endorsed lifestyle practice (and the mother of actor Vince Vaughn). 

Shea has trained and consulted with corporate leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes around the country, affectionately earning her the title of “America’s Queen of Wellness”. Ms. Vaughn is the author of the best seller, BREAKTHROUGH The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great & Find Total Well-Being and a frequent speaker and contributor to media and TV. 

Her philanthropy is reflected in her work as Founder of the Healthy Initiative Foundation and its acclaimed healthy ambassador program, the 90-Day Lifestyle Makeover. 

adminThe 5 Key Principles of Wellness with Shea Vaughn
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