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Tiny things can make a huge difference!

The new epidemic…. FEAR.

I thought it was loneliness. Which is still a rising epidemic but it’s being trumped right now. No pun intended — well actually, it is a political thing!

I find the reflection of the collective consciousness that the Corona Virus is exposing to be quite incredible. Let me first say, I do see that this virus can be deadly and I’m not discounting the severity for anyone that may have suffered or will suffer its symptoms.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. The Center for Disease Control aka C.D.C. has a responsibility to educate the public and they are doing that now. However, the point that I’d like to raise is I believe they are focused on the wrong points???? We know that fear increases cortisol levels but raising oxytocin levels should be the goal.

I’m going to make some statements that I encourage anyone to comment on so that I can be better informed on existing data (please provide the source of information in the comments).

Each year we have contagious flu viruses that run through communities like wildfire and many people die due to these viruses / flu. The corona virus death rate appears at the moment to be slightly higher than your typical flu. However, thousands more people have the corona virus than we know. If everyone was accounted for like the typical flu, would the percentages regarding death be more similar?

CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million — 45 million illnesses, between 140,000–810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000–61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

There was no wide spread fear spread like an epidemic, crashing the US stock market when the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronaviruses were in the media. Did it and I didn’t know? So why is there a toilet paper outage when diarrhea isn’t even on the top of the list for symptoms?

Here’s what I really want to say. The CDC and the media should be sharing news alerts that look more like this:


  1. Stop eating sugar. Sugar feeds cancers and viruses. Eat in moderation fruits that contain natural sources of sugar. Organic berries are perfect to overcome any sweet tooth.
  2. Stop or reduce drinking alcohol. You’ll reduce sugar in many cases and you’ll give your liver a break from quivering so it can do its job eliminating other toxins that cause ill health.
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep. Spend less time on social media and your computer and you’ll easily get time back to inspect your eyelids.
  4. Work out & Breathe oxygen as deeply into your gut as you can. Oxygen kills viruses.
  5. Meditate more or at minimum spend 15 min thinking happy thoughts in a quiet place. Boost your immune system by thinking positive uplifting thoughts of gratitude during this time.
  6. Be grateful throughout the day. Focus on all the incredible things you have, not what you fear contracting. Or you will get it, we know the law of attraction works!
  7. Have more sex with someone you love. It’s one of the fastest ways to raise oxytocin levels and reduce cortisol levels. Boosting the immune system exponentially.
  8. Love one another, especially yourself. And you will attract love and light filled experiences that not only keep yourself immune to disease but can help heal others along the way.

Why aren’t these simple tips the focus of the media? Instead, we have FEAR running through the media and peoples veins fighting for toilet paper and paper towel. Unbelievable really…

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adminAlternative CDC Virus Cure

Nothing lasts forever; although love is eternal

Kids teach us unconditional love

Nothing lasts forever; although love is eternal

Love always moves me and it doesn’t have to be romantic love. Although kissing someone you hold dear to your heart is wonderful. For now lets stay focused on the core of unconditional love.

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods to grab a juice with a friend. As we approached the register to order, I realized that we had accidentally cut in front of a young lady who was waiting to the side. So I politely informed my friend that this lady was next. She moved closer to me and I apologized saying I didn’t realize she was in line. We made eye contact and smiled. She moved again, closer to me. Right next to me in fact, almost touching side to side. I touched her arm in another gesture of apologies for not seeing her. She grabbed my right hand and said “oh, your hands are so warm”. I without any thought cupped both her hands in between mine to warm hers up. My hands were not only warm but HOT!

Ironically for anyone who knows me, knows that my hands (nose and toes) are ALWAYS cold. I was surprised and in that moment felt a bit in a quandary as to how my hands were soo hot. And why I was snuggled next to this stranger holding her hands in an embrace of love? But I loved it, she loved it. It wasn’t until hours later after I left my friend that I found myself reflecting on the situation and feeling it was so unique and cherished the moment.

Then I was promoted to ask the question “why does this have to be unique”? Why don’t we all touch each other a little more every day. In today’s litigious society perhaps physical touch isn’t the most appropriate way to interact with one another. But there are so many ways to express emotion that allows for free sharing and caring!

That lady and I shared a lot in those 30-60 seconds. I’m certain our oxytocin levels rose as we both felt unconditional caring love between two humans. We could be more different on the outside. I’m tall, she’s short, I’m vanilla yellow skin and hair, she’s milk chocolate. There were no differences between us in that moment which was so spontaneous and natural.

I feel grateful to have an open heart (well, most of the time). It’s what allows me to connect with others on a soul level. But I don’t always flex this open heart muscle. As of today I’m going to consciously do my best to keep it open. It’s these small things of shifting energy between us that can make a big difference. It’s the warm glow we all want and need to lift us through the mundane aspects of human routines. An injection of inspiration to know that each one of us have a choice to make our day and someone elses brighter than ever.

If only a smile, a head nod of appreciation or a touch of the hand, together we can move mountains and be Pollinating the Planet with Love. Who’s in?

Everyone matters

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adminNothing lasts forever; although love is eternal