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I’M GRATEFUL you’re here!  If you’re covering stories about spirituality, health, wellness, the power of the mind or all things plant based medicines and psychedelics, let’s connect!

Podcasts & Media

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Progress, Potential, and Possibilities Podcast

Psychedelic/Spiritual Practices For Healing. An innovative discussion of Beth's awakening memoir with Host Ira Pastor


Author Hour Podcast
Beth Bell

Listen in to hear about Beth's recently launched book "Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics"


Here's To Your Health with Joshua Lane

A lively discussion on how psychedelics are making a different in mental health and expanding conciousness



Mindful Coping Podcast

An inspiring Conversation sharing stories about life journeys, and lessons learned along the way.


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Soul Nectar Show

Interested in using psychedelics on your spiritual path? And, what does herpes have to do with Angels?


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eHealth Radio Network

Learn why others questioned whether I should publish the book, the main theme, and the messages of the book.


Resilience Unravelled Beth Bell Guest (1280 x 720)

Resilience Unravelled

Out of Pain comes purpose, and that's exactly what we discussed. Learning from our life lessons and harvesting pearls.



Self Discovery Media

Living a life of discord and emotional suffering doesn’t need to be the norm when we unravel our storylines.


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New Podcast Episodes

More shows and podcasts are posting soon! Stay tuned as there are great discussions you won't want to miss.

Print & Articles

Looking for sage wisdom from a relationship expert and psychedelic spokesperson?
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