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If I’m totally honest, being in a high-vibe state is not always my reality. Luckily most of the time, a smile is on my face, and I genuinely feel happy. But when I’m not feeling that way, I do my very best to honor whatever emotions arise, welcoming them to bubble up and come out. If I don’t, I know that it will eventually turn to anger, as this is what happens to suppressed emotion.

It’s taken me years, but I now welcome tears. I even taste them if they roll down. It’s so healing to feel yourself release emotion. If I don’t, I know those feelings will find a place to hide in my body. At the same time, my mind will find ways to manipulate the energy, focus on it and eventually cause a significant block. One of the best ways to get past the mind is to allow your heart to open and emotions to flow.

An important thing to note is that there is a difference between tears from the heart versus tears from the mind. I’m talking about catching the emotion in the moment. Or, in many cases, when you find yourself reflecting on a situation that didn’t make you feel great. Sometimes we can’t identify this feeling until we’ve walked away from a situation, which provides an important opportunity to bring your attention and awareness.

Allow the feelings to come without building a story around them. The mind typically wants to go to blaming another, “They did this to me,” and “THEY hurt me or treated me poorly.” While, on the one hand, that may be true, it’s important to sit with yourself and FEEL the emotions, not build the story. Once you’ve allowed yourself to express whatever emotion comes through, you can start to identify the emotion and what happened that caused you to feel that way. As soon as possible, it’s important to communicate to the person or situation what they did or said and how it made you feel. If appropriate, be specific and ask them to kindly stop their behavior that’s hurting you or using particular words. At this point, you’ve expressed physically and emotionally your truth about the situation, and closure should be the focus.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects is not to have an expectation regarding their response. It’s important to hear their perspective, as it will be different from yours. It’s less important whether you agree with it or not. Again, how their response makes you feel. If their words don’t match the vibration you’re feeling, then state that. The goal is to speak your truth, be heard, and hear the other person. If you feel they are not in a place to be able to hear your truth or speak their own truth, you may want to consider walking away and going back at a point in the future. However, it is so critical that you don’t let your mind run wild. This is where stories build, and mountains are built out of molehills. Once you’re there, it’s guaranteed to be exhausting to break it all down to the origination or the core of the issue.

Oftentimes, when we’re feeling a lower vibration, it’s due to a residual feeling of an emotion that hasn’t been released. These emotions weigh us down and build up. The storylines overlap, and then we’ve built a mental construct that is difficult to get out of because it’s so convoluted and confusing.

So how do we get back to the molehill when the mountain is already built? That’s for another blog. For now, the message is simply to stop building mountains of emotions that are not serving you. When you do, you’ll feel better and lighter each day!

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