Energy is Everything with Michele La Gamba-Himmel

As a result of many years of spiritual work this week’s guest has opened and accessed Divine realms. Her miraculous energy work has been a guide to many others to help heal humanity.

Over the years her husband, a NYC attorney, has witnessed many unexplainable phenomenona that inspired him to write a novel that bridges the spiritual world and the logical mind.

It’s through this logical magic that they together have been able to spread the messages of their book “The Reluctant Healer”.

About Michele La Gamba-Himmel

Michele LaGamba-Himmel graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Psychology and a Master of Arts in Education. 

For many years she studied with various well known photographers, has worked as a national promotion manager for Estee Lauder and has been meditating for over thirty years. 

She has studied the techniques of Mankind, Enlightenment and Love and is a “Universal Energy” Practitioner, as well as a Certified Medical QiGong Healer.


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adminEnergy is Everything with Michele La Gamba-Himmel
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