Experiencing the Soul of Plants with John Steele

A unique opportunity to hear some off the grid insights regarding the knowledge available to us through mother nature.  Plants and flowers providing messages may sound impossible until you hear the experiences of today’s guest. In a rare interview, John shares his global life experiences including general systems theory, multi-dimensional realities, his involvement on the expedition of recovering Atlantis to name a few.  If you’re ready for a magical view on life, have a listen to this episode to hear how the soul of plants can help catapult you into the mysteries that help unlock your potential.

About John Steele

John Steele is an aromatic consultant archaeologist and author. JOHN teaches workshops on aroma therapy and the
sacred use of fragrance and contemporary and ancient cultures. JOHN is the owner of Life Tree Aromatics, a select
line of botanical essential oils and exotic floral absolutes.


*if you feel called to be in touch with John, please get in touch with


Beth BellExperiencing the Soul of Plants with John Steele
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