Find Your Individual Utopia With Guest Claire Rogers

Finding yourself feeling lost at work and far from your life’s purpose is becoming more and more common.  Making big jumps can be incredibly fearful and difficult to make without a strong support system.  This week’s episode shares some pearls of wisdom on how to make these jumps and get on track to doing what you love.

Now more than ever, finding your own individual utopia is a shift that many want to make.  Moving out of your comfort zone can be a big jump.  Trusting your gut, tapping into support, and serving your soul can make all the difference. Listen in for a great discussion to hear how

About Claire Rogers

Claire Rogers is a keynote speaker and coach who works with individuals who are stuck in their comfort zone and struggling to live their dream life. She helps people to rediscover their passions and develop healthy habits and empowering beliefs to move out of their comfort zone to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.  Through her powerful coaching, she aids her clients in realizing key insights, which in turn empowers them to initiate and implement meaningful change to bring their dreams and aspirations to fruition. Prior to founding itopia for 20 years, Claire held senior global director roles within the financial services and travel industry, where she developed an expertise and building diverse high performing sales teams across multiple regions.

adminFind Your Individual Utopia With Guest Claire Rogers
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