Uninspired by the American Dream with Andrew Salony

Wise words of wisdom are shared from the depths of Andrews life’s experiences. From monastic living to the high tech industry, he has harnessed vast experiences through the twists and turns of life. His motivation and determination to help make the world a better place is infectious and motivating!

About Andrew Salony

Andrew Salony’s story reads a bit like the monk who sold his Ferrari only in reverse.  At the age of 19, uninspired by the promise of the ‘American dream‘, he embarked on a seven-year monastic journey, trusting a road less travelled might bring him deeper insights and alignment with Mahatma Gandhi’s proclamation –“Be The Change You Wish To See In This World”. 

With a radiant glow, a keen sense of observation and a deep understanding of the laws of manifestation Andrew has and continues to meet with great success as a high tech entrepreneur, advisor, motivational speaker, and personal coach.

Today, in addition to his portfolio of health, wellness, and hospitality held enterprises in Bali, he serves on the Board of Directors and as Chief Strategy Officer of Gravity, an accelerator of game-changing technologies, products, and services that will help move the world closer to a sustainable future.

A passionate student of architecture and design Andrew keeps artfully unique residences in Ubud, Bali, and La Costa California. He is a father, grandfather, a practitioner of yoga, meditation, and an avid health and wellness enthusiast.

adminUninspired by the American Dream with Andrew Salony
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