Airplane Charm Life Journey Bracelet

Angel Wings Charm Let your wings pop open to help you fly high and free. Remember to fluff them, keep them clean and surround yourself with the light of pure love. Call on the protection of your archangels for support. Life Journey Bracelets We enter this world born into a tribe of hearts; our family and the loved ones who surround us. Our life journey – represented by the circle shape – brings many experiences we cherish and remember through various symbols, captured in one of the many charms. In the end, the circle of life brings us back to pure love = B.L.I.S.S. Each bracelet has a different charm or symbol representing these various life experiences. The bracelets are intended to be stacked, and worn together in whatever variation represents what you are grateful for on any given day. The bee charm symbolizes the Blossom B.L.I.S.S. mission of “Pollinating the Planet with Love” .  We give a percentage of proceeds from these bracelets to literally Save the Bee’s.  We donate to non profit organizations that are saving humanity by saving the bee’s. The Life Journey Bracelets are part of the B.B. Bling Jewelry collection. Enjoy and be blissful! Hand crafted with 925 Sterling Silver.

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Life Journey Bracelets