Awakening and Healing Handbook



**See photos for examples of a few pages**

The Handbook will assist you in building or accentuating your spiritual toolbox

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Deep dive into the modalities and methods discussed in the book
  • Clarity on definitions and meanings of key topics and subjects that are all things spiritual!
  • ADDITIONAL methods and healing techniques NOT included in the book
  • References to authors and books that have inspired me over the last few decades

+BONUS 5 Pearls of Wisdom Workbook

Insights you’ll gain with the e-workbook include:

  • The 5 Pearls of Wisdom to help keep your soul in the driver’s seat
  •  Identify strengths and opportunities on your life journey to gauge your progress
  •  Reflect on relationships and situations that are here for your awakening
  •  Begin to shift into harvesting life’s lessons so you don’t have to repeat them


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