Flower Gazing Meditation Modules

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If flowers could speak your language, would you be curious about what they would say? Over the past 15 years, my experiences with flowers has been life changing. Along the way I have culminated the messages I’ve received from flowers into the 4 life lessons. I’m excited to share this wisdom and knowledge with you, so you can tap in too!

In these modules, you will learn:

  • Flower Gazing: Tap into Mother Nature’s supernatural intelligence and connect to the biological social network!
  • Observational Flower Photography: Distract the mind to access the heart
  • Experience benefits similar to meditation for more peace, joy, and love
  • Harness the 4 Life Lessons from Flowers to help you achieve more balance and harmony in your life

Module 1:        Flowers Talk!  The Science behind it & How to hear messages

Module 2:        Brain Chemistry – What’s the impact?

Module 3:        Flower Gazing – What is it?

Module 4:        Observational Flower Photography – How to do it?

Module 5:        4 Life Lessons From Flowers – Achieving a Blissfully Neutral State 

Module 6:        Mother Nature’s Magic

Bonus Module:              Something FUN!!! Hint: think ‘flower sipping’

Struggling with meditation and know that you’d benefit from it?
Use observational flower photography as a tool to activate the ancient art of flower gazing and connect to your inner wisdom!


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