“Flower Power 4 Pure Love” E-Book Giveaway

The beauty of flowers captured the attention of the Queen Bliss Bee and provided her with an experience that she wasn’t expecting. Through her observational photography of flowers, she witnessed how they danced with the sun, rain and wind providing a deeper understanding of flowing with the Universe.  Over time she realized she was receiving messages from the flowers.  As a result, the book blossomed capturing the 4 Life’s Lessons learned from flowers.  You too can harness the power of Mother Nature with this easy to read book that shares these simple, yet profound messages.

The 8.5 x 8.5 inch hardcopy book is sold separately and is available on our website and also through Amazon.  It is a great for coffee table conversation or as a gift for anyone who may want inspiration and empowerment on life’s journey.  The flowers in Flower Power 4 Pure Love brighten and raise the vibration of any room.



If flowers could talk, would you listen?
In this beautiful book, you’ll hear the messages that flowers delivered to Beth as she tapped into her skills of being a Flower Whisperer. Her unique experiences with nature, captured through the lens of her camera, allow all to see the magnificent beauty of flowers and to hear their ‘voice.’ In addition, you’ll learn about the Four Life Lessons and the Flower Formula to blossom bliss in your life!

If you’re interested in the hardcover version, please contact us directly.  This 8.5 x 8.5 inch full color coffee table book is great for conversation starters, deep reflection, or as a gift for anyone who may be blossoming into new journeys in life or someone who needs inspiration to get back to the power of love or empowerment on life’s journey.  The flowers in Flower Power 4 Pure Love brighten and raise the vibration of any room.