Trusting in the Power of Your Heart with Ana Levin

Explore the inner dimensions of your heart and find out how childhood programming creates ideas of love thought to be outside of ourselves. Ana’s expertise and grace will help you find the love within, show you the power of your heart and bring you home to your soul.

About Ana Levin

Matters of the heart have always been Anna Levin’s force that has driven her. She works with people to heal their emotional wounds, so that they can live a meaningful life by trusting in the power of their heart. Her heart centered approach, opens people and companies the emotional wisdom that allows them to see the same thing they have always seen from a different place, a fully connected heart. She graduated with high honors. With a Masters of Science in psychology, she became distinguished in the career of teaching, working with children of all ages and different nationalities. She soon saw that the power of the divine love that flows through her allowed others to feel safe enough to change.  She then went on to become certified in the field of coaching from the prestigious intervention coaching program.


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Beth BellTrusting in the Power of Your Heart with Ana Levin
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