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  • What I’ve learned from Trump

    READ THIS. Stop trying to figure out from the title if I like him or not.

    If this is your focus, you will miss the point. I trust whomever is suppose to get the message will read it. All the others will just miss out.

    Unexpectadly I’ve learned some really important things from Trump and find myself telling many people. And they are always a bit shocked and surprised but they often encourage me to write about it, so here it is. I do believe there are some great pearls of wisdom here in these interesting times.

    I’ve been learning alot about narcissists these days, not sure why but I’m deducting that some aspects of their behaviour can be valuable. So I’ve been listening & learning, now sharing….

    The first Trump lesson: PIVOT

    Set out with clear intentions what you want. Dah! There’s more… If you don’t get what you’ve asked for, don’t waste time evaluating what you could have done different or feel bad about it. Keep your energy and focus moving forward. For example, if Trump asked the Universe for a clear tall glass and it didn’t show up, he wouldn’t sit and go into his heart center and ponder what the lesson was or what he could have done differntly. He accepts & trusts that the clear white glass wasn’t meant to be in that moment. Then he sets a new intention like a blue glass. If the blue glass doesn’t show up he doesn’t worry about ‘why’, he moves forward and possibly goes bolder to say thank you, I wasn’t suppose to get the blue glass. It’s the green glass with diamonds around the rim that I actually desire. And then it shows up. Why? Because he didn’t doubt himself. He NEVER doubts himself.

    Can you imagine how powerful all the light workers would be if they set clear intentions (which many do) but then followed it with the confidence and vigor that Trump does that it WILL appear? And at the same time allow for the flexibility to pivot to something bolder and BELIEVE and KNOW that was actually what was suppose to manifest instead of what was originally imagined?

    The concious person can be too fixated on the ‘what did I do or not do that took me off course’? Including thoughts like ‘how am I impacting others’, worrying about hurting others in the process. The point is that if you really are concious and clear — you can’t make a mistake. You will never come from ill intentions and your alignments will remain nothing more than miraculous and for the good of all. It’s that simple, there isn’t anything more to review. Many still have work that needs to be done to get clear and conscious but that’s another blog topic. We’re talking high vibe people here and chances are that’s YOU if you’re reading this or you’re on your way to being one of today’s concious light workers.

    We can evaluate why we didn’t get the first clear glass we asked for but we won’t move the energy forward. Questions like this do not serve our higher selfs ability to obtain alignment: ‘I must not have had my heart in it’, ‘Maybe I didn’t repeat it enough times or didn’t get the emotion right’ or ‘said the wrong words’. (If you could HEAR me say this you’d know that I am mocking myself for all the self inflicted torture I’ve done to make sure that I GOT THE LESSON — yuck!) It makes things sticky and cumbersome if we work towards ‘got the lesson’ when the Universe is just asking us to move forward. Silly actually because its viewed as such a good thing to beat ourselves up. Of course if you are not concious then you may need to do some review but I’m speaking to the light workers who have been committed to doing the work and now need to move the process forward. The learning here is simple –if the clear glass didn’t show up — it wasnt for my higher good and what is, will show up if I keep my eyes open.

    Second Lesson: MOMENTUM

    The loss of momentum is what happens when you fall off the train and it will always hurt. So push through your fears and keep going, stay on the train and maybe switch cars but don’t jump off. I found myself frustrated with my own process when I’d get the momentum going and then self sabatouge it because I was evaluating its success. Looking for what went wrong so I could change it instead of trusting the process that the kinks would work out. Or if necessary dissolve and transform into something else.

    Every time I went into evaluating the outcomes of my expectations, it put me in a place of dispair and disappointment. Mostly of myself. After hearing several of Trumps stories of himself and others moving through and keeping the momentum going, I’m inspired more than ever to do the same. He tells the story of the man who spent his life developing 3up, 4up, 5up, 6up, then gave up only to have someone else successfully launch 7up!

    Again, as a light worker, we know the difference between a snow plow and a snow blower. We’re not shoving or pushing anything but picking things up, throwing them out to the Universe and letting the pieces blow in the direction they are meant to go. Our intention is different than Trump and that’s what makes the difference. He is in this role to demonstrate some key aspects of how the Universe works. Even Abraham (Esther) Hicks will tell you he is spot on with the laws of the Univerese when it comes to manifesting. The faster we move into ‘what can I learn?’ instead of condeming our friends and family for which camp there are in, the faster we can be pollinating the planet with love instead of polluting it.

    People are getting WAY to CAUGHT up in the dark aspects and intentions behind Trump and MISSING the MOST IMPORTANT attributes he is here to teach us. I find it frustrating to listen to people who want to judge and stay in the pitty party of “I can’t believe Trump is president”. It’s sad. Let’s leverage the learnings and move forward.

    One of his main points in success is “You have to love what you do”. I don’t doubt that when he stops loving what he does in the White House, he’ll devise an exit strategy. Let’s see if he makes it 3 more years.

    Keeping our eyes open and focusing on what the important learnings are without dwelling on them, will keep us moving forward. It’s the only way to truly live.

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  • ‘Big Love’ turns hopeless

    How this blog got inspired…In the last few months the topic of ‘Big Love’ has been in my conciousness. Mine and others. It seems the highs are so incredible, unimaginable and sustainably blissful. Until the fall. The moment when one or both people realize that they will not be together. No riding into the sunset holding each others soul like a fragile egg. ugh. How do you pick up the pieces and move on when you feel something has been ripped from you at a cellular level?I had a big love experience. It knocked my socks off and over the past decade have been trying to sort through it all. The inspiration that came, the soul quickening, the soulful embodiment, the consciousness, all of which was catapulted from the existance of another human on the earth. It sounds so insane to write that I could ever see someone as so big, so powerful and so outside myself. Of course the feeling is inside myself and a beloved is only a reflection of love within myself. Yet at the same time the mind has processed it as outside. Why is it that the strength of the mind can over rule spirit in these moments? Like a sick virus that never leaves and causes deep loneliness and despair that can be debilitating? What if we all had the ability to completely switch the association of that love with another to our own soul love?

    Now that its years later I was really thinking that I’d received all the messages and lessons that ‘big love’ was suppose to bring. And in some ways I may have given up believing that it could ever happen again. Mostly because I know all love is experienced to get us to the depths of our own soul love. The emptiness of another haunts me every once in awhile. Today it felt I shouldn’t deny that I’m called to dig a little bit deeper on the subject.

    Several months ago I had the opportuity to see the person that represented my first big love experience. It was exciting, devastating and enlightening all at the same time. They are married with child so there wasn’t any type of expecation to rekindle anything. In fact I had no idea what the purpose really was to see them, other than it was Universally aligned. I don’t think its possible that its something I could have planned. What happened was amazing and unexpected. I’m writing my experience in my new book titled “Big Love”.

    Upon telling the story A few months ago to a friend, it inspired her to share her big love story. Oh how I love to hear these stories as this energy is so powerful as it exudes and extends to anyone near by. It’s impossible to not be excited for the other person. Then the fall happens and you can feel it at a cellular level as they experience it for the first time. It’s like living it all over again and feels like another initiation that begs the question “have I learned all there is to know about this topic?”

    Another friend appears in Ubud with not only a broken heart from big love but complete devistation. It doesn’t take long and she is suicidal. The mind created in depth stories that built walls she couldn’t get out of. And it felt there was nothing I could say or do to help pull her out of it. Makes you think love is a super sharp double edged sword.

    In the last few weeks another friend shares her big love story that had already resulted in heartbreak. Everyone describes the same key aspects, that parts of themselves at a cellular level feel like they are dying. It’s not becaue these are hopeless women that are looking for some knight in shining armour to take care of them. In the cases I’m referring to, its quite the opposite. These are strong women in heart and mind who have met their soul match. So why does it have to end and feel so hopeless?

    Then today a beautiful friend writes within a comment on a facebook post to me “a BEAUTIFUL friend who demonstrates the crazy power of love and just how impossible it is to kill HOPE”. I was so floored by her comment that I think a teardrop squirted from my eye on the spot! While I feel like it is my calling to encourage people to go for it, fall deep and hard in love, I had no idea anyone actually admired me for it. It’s also my passion to assist people to experience the heart break and to go deep into that too. It can be the most transformational experience on the planet. Well possibly trailing a near death experience. So the pressure feels on for me to have some answers.

    What’s the key to it all? The big pearl of wisdom to share? It’s quite simple. No expectations. That is unconditional self love that extends to another. The Holy Grail if you will.

    In a recent talk with a friend there was a charged discussion about whether its possible to have unconditional anything as a human on planet earth. I stated examples of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc. She wasn’t buying it. I argued that we do what we can to raise our consiousness and acheive the highest possible vibration of non attachment. Honestly that goes over like a lead balloon with most people. So I had to reflect on my own comments to see if I really believed this was a sufficiant answer to my own heartstrings calling for my Divine compliment. I thought, nah, not really. If we set our sites at being Buddha, disappointment & disbelief can set in quickly.

    So why do we feel so hopeless at these heartbreak points? Biologically when we kiss someone we start to exchange bacteria and that bacteria connects to one another. In a deeper, energetic way, we intertwine on each others etheral (life/energy) cord. So we have in fact attached to another in a biological, cellular and energetic way that we can experience in non-locality (quantum physics — look it up). We’re not alone in missing our beloved — so does our bacteria and life cord. So the disconnection one feels within their body is real and has nothing to do with that persons level of self love. Big love is bigger than self love because its a time space place reality that someone reflects it back to you. When two or more are joined together miracles can move mountains and when the movement stops, seemingly so does everything else.

    When we experience big love our chakras open, especially the 2nd and 3rd. If we haven’t experienced this before in our life we are bound to the idea that that person is the source of the feelings that we are experiencing. However, the person is acting as a mirror giving us an opportunity to see & experience our own self love on another level.

    It’s a level of vibration that raises, where anything feels possible and creating and manifesting becomes easier than ever before. It is biological and cellular reaction causing the explosion of romance to be euphoric. During this time of physicial and non physical connection there’s a hormone that gets excreeted helping to cause this euphoric, safe and intensly creative place. It’s a hormone called oxytocin which is well known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ or ‘love hormone’. So when we lose this reflection, we do have a biological, cellular reaction as oxytocin levels often plumit when left with our beloveds reflection no longer shining back at us.

    In the past I found myself contemplating that perhaps these experiences are opportunities to reflect on ones level of self love. Now instead I believe we should acknowledge that big love is a blissful, unique and sacred union that doesn’t happen with just anyone.

    I’ve now experienced big love with a few individals and I’m hear to tell you that I’ve survived them all. It wasn’t easy but I learned more than you can ever imagine and feel blessed to have the opportunity to experience each union. Many people go through lifetimes never experiencing big love. Knowing what I know today, I would take the heartbreak and seperation over the possibility of never experiencing big love any day. Unfortunately many people get stuck in the aftermath, close their hearts and don’t allow themselves to love to that level again. It is there that the point of it all is missed.

    It’s when we allow ourselves to grieve and learn our light is from within that we can move into gratefulness. This my friend is the most beautiful place to be as it opens the heart space and allows for another opportunity for joining.

    I now accept that I came here to planet earth for a reason. I set out to have a human experience and that includes deep, magical, mystical love that is experienced with another. That includes allowing the heartbreak to flow through and to practice loving unconditionally without expectation. Shattering the societal norms / believes. If I don’t achieve the conciousness and non attachment levels of Buddha, its ok. I’m here to try my best and enjoy the ride.

    I believe all heartbreak leads us to our Divine compliment and catapults our life’s purpose on the earth plane. We can all get there but it does require us to ‘do the work’. It’s a matter of whether we want to learn the lessons to open our heart and be ready to surrender to all that is or is not. The heart work leads us to neutral state. And it is there that we truely know peace in our hearts and minds that passes all understanding.

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  • 12Ai6jSdS8GoxtWAwSbcxVRlQ.jpeg

    Pointless New Years Resolutions

    An important secret you should know.

    At the beginning of every year we ask each other “Do you have a new years resolution?” It seems like a harmless question to ask but it feels so pointless. It’s like a good conversation piece that seems to just point out something you don’t like about yourself. Unless you’re doing hypno therapy or NLP, chances are you’re not really going to achieve it and by the end of January you might not even remember what it was….

    According to Merriam — Webster Dictionary, the definition of resolution is: the act or process of resolving (analysing, answering, determining) something. The energy around this word ‘resolution’ is stale and cumbersome. So why not do something easier that shifts energy faster to a desired outcome? I’ve found that the secret is setting clear intentions. This is a big game changer. Why? Well the word means “attention directed toward an object of knowledge” which can also be seen in the definition of the law of attraction.

    There’s a big difference between resolution and intention. With the word ‘intention’ you’re making statements that the Universe can line up with and bring you all that you desire. It doesn’t require the ‘resolution’ of anything. Only the focused attention that allows for you to attract the energy you’re putting out into the world.

    The best part is it doesn’t have to be so serious. I was thinking about what my intention was that I wanted to place into 2018. My first thought was to say “Have more fun”. Of course my ego mind jumped in on this quickly and said that was a “silly idea” but of course this is no surprise. As I let it sink in, I realized it’s the perfect intention for me in the new year.

    After writing it down, I thought to myself — How do I measure that? What does that look like? Which prompted me to be more specific. In order for the Universe to be able to align, I needed to get clear on what the energy is around my intention.

    Almost immediately an image of one of my Balinese yoga instructors came to mind. He always does “laughter medicine” at the end of class and is the only one that I know who does it. He reminds us that a majority of the Balinese don’t do yoga but a different technique by using laughter. Have you ever had a situation where you couldn’t stop laughing? When we don’t hold back and allow ourselves to laugh we open up our energy. Along with clearing out the old and allows for alot more space for the new love and light that wants to flow in. After a good laugh we find that in the moments that follow, nothing really matters!

    So I fine tuned my intention to “Laugh daily”. Which was inspired by my new years eve dancing which lead to ALOT of uncontrollable laughter. Hopefully not because my dancing was that bad but because I was having so much fun.

    The Balinese have been a huge inspiration to me as they are such light hearted people. They know how to get and stay in the flow of energy. The energy that powers the Universe and all that is to align with truth. In fact they’ve inspired me so much that I manufacture all my products in Bali and have Mini Mantra Word Bar Necklaces inspired by the way they interact with life.

    One of my favorite mantras is: “Live Life — in Love — with Everything — Bliss”. Another one that resonates with todays message is “Laugh often — with gratitude — life blossoms — Bliss”. I’ve been wearing my “Breathe — Baby — BREATHE -Bliss” Mantra necklace but as of the new year I’m going to start wearing my “Laugh often…” mantra. We all know that first hand laughter is the best medicine!!! Select a mantra that is right for you on www.

    Wanna HELP Bali stay Blissful? If you purchase a Mini Mantra Word Bar Necklace before the end of Jan 2018 you’ll be contributing to our Bali Disaster. The impact of the potential of our volcano Mt Agung has created havoc with the tourist industry which is the main source of income for many Balinese. Our goal is to sell 1000 by the end of January and we’ll contribute 15 million Rupiah to non profit organizations including relief efforts for over 71k evacuees. You can read more on my blog

    Let’s keep Bali blissful!

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  • Why do people get married?

    Love or Loneliness?

    I have witnessed so many times a union of two people based on the illusion of love. But when the veil is lifted, it’s loneliness at the core that brings people together. I don’t mean to take the magic away from the blissful and ceremonial act of marriage. I loved being married. But I think its time to call a spade a spade.

    Basically we learn love through our parents or loved ones that intimately participated in our upbringing. We hope they did the best job they could with the skills sets they had at the time, but in many cases its dodgy at best. (Side note: I adore my parents and there’s no hidden message here regarding my family) There’s no manual folks so everybody’s winging it!

    The truth is that we get together in relationships to heal our wounds. Most of the time mommy and daddy ones but wounds none the less. After our first 5 years on the planet we’ve pretty much learned the chains of love. How to get love and how to lose it, is engraved in us at a cellular level. Unless your parents were Gandi, Buddha, Krishna or Jesus — you’re pretty much gauranteed that the love you learned was conditional. Not intentional but certainly conditional. Let me expand….

    We pass down energy from generation to generation unknowingly. Everything we do is based from either a place of fear or love. All the fears and suffering from our ancestors come to haunt us — literally — until we heal the wounds. The reality is most people don’t take the time to do the work and peel the layers back to get to the core. Which ultimately results in knowing love unconciously as conditional.

    Conditional love causes expectations. Expectations cause disappointment. And disappointment causes divorce. It’s really that simple. But what if we had no expectation of another in relationships? What if we enjoyed getting to know their soul and how they express themselves instead of judging them? What if we didn’t get married or enter special relationships until we could love ourselves unconditionally first?

    Society & procreaction provides a foundation for the dellusion that we should not be alone. But it is when we can be alone and be in love that we actually know what love is instead of knowing love as a means to filling a void. What if we all knew and accepted that our only task in life is to love ourselves first? I don’t mean narcisistic love but true self-love? What if we focused on knowing how to share our love unconditionally? Wow, how the world would change.

    When we lack self love we will inevitably fear loneliness. Unfortuantely this causes a desperation to find ‘someone’ that fits our expectations — or our parents expecations….

    So, what if we taught children to focus on loving themselves first instead of finding ‘the one’ to fill the holes in their heart? What if we really knew at a young age how to give and receive love unconditionally? Inevitably we would shift the world into a place of blissful sharing of unconditional love. Hence, pollinate the planet with love.

    Ironically in a quest for love, we lose love. Heartbreak doesn’t have to be viewed as a loss but a gain into what wounds we set ourselves out to heal in a life time. I believe heartbreak is one of the most transformational energies we can experience. The sooner we embrace these opportunities for growth, the sooner we realize we are just projecting our life lessons to learn our connection to our own love and light.

    If you’re struggling with the feeling of loss of love I would encourage you to look into the confusion of loneliness disguised as love. It’s your soul calling you back to unconditional love. Listen to it and learn from it instead of wollow in it. Love yourself and watch the world shift around you. I guarantee you won’t be lonely ever again.

    It should end in the laughter of love

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  • Stay in the Magic

    Is it the magician or the wand?

    Wayne Dyer said “Don’t die with the music inside”. I say “stay in the magic” and you won’t be able to stop listening to the music inside!

    I participate in family constellation work. It’s facinating. An experience that is hard to describe and even if I did in detail, it may be hard to know what it could feel like to participate in such an event. Here goes my brief explanation:

    Someone has an issue/problem that they want resolved — could be anyting from wanting to heal a realtionship with a parent, disolving a block about making money, finding a soulmate, etc. The trained facilitator creates what is called a “knowing field” which consists of untrained participants doing a brief meditation in a circle. Once ‘the wish’ is expressed to the group, the person wanting resolution asks the untrained participants to represent instrumental people in their lives, typically starting with their mother and father. Then it gets really interesting….

    These untrained participants representing the important people in the persons life are asked to ‘follow their movements’. Which basically means — don’t think about anything, just feel. Just follow wherever your body wants to go in the room, if it wants to sit, stand or some other variation and allow whatever feelings to flow that come to you. Without questioning any why’s. It’s amazing what takes place.

    The first time I was called into a constellation I played someone’s grandfather and found myself crying from the depths of my soul while screaming “I am so angry”. I, Beth Bell, was not angry but the energy of the soul coming through me certainly was and it was weird.

    I didn’t have any training or even knowlege of what goes on in these types of sessions so how was it that I could channel this guy? I could see so much of the story lines of this point in time in his life. What he was feeling and thinking even though I’d never met this person or knew anything about his story.

    I never wanted to channel dead people but that day my life changed and now I wanted to experience more. Why? because for the first time in my life I could experience an emotion at a cellular level because it wasn’t mine. I had no blocks or programming that would stop me from experiencing an emotion at a moments notice. What was even wackier is how quickly the emotion and sometimes images or thoughts would drop in. When I shared information I was receiving with the group, inevitably the information would start to fill in the story lines for the observer, helping to resolve the energy around the issue they were experiencing.

    I can’t tell you how many times the person who’s bringing the concern to the constellation had their jaw on the floor with what their loved ones had to say. What was stunning is that even though I was participating in a session that wasn’t MY issue, it always seemed to heal me in some way. Often times during the actual session but also the days following. That’s exactly what happened in the last session I attended.

    The parents were already chosen and playing out their story lines as I watched with curiosity. Then all of a sudden, I was ‘in’ the constellation. How did I know? Because I could feel this energy in my body coming on strong. I had felt it before so I knew exactly what it was… I was a channeling a child, the sibling of the lady we were doing the session for. I was quite young and super excited about life. Within a few minutes which felt perfectly on cue, the facilitator asked her to choose someone to play her sibling. When she turned to look at the group to choose someone, our eyes immediately locked and without question, I said ‘yes’. Athough the facilitator asked the participant to place me in the room, I said ‘no, I know exactly where to go’.

    I’d envisioned myself outside the glass window looking inside the room, so I went there. Peering in through the glass I was waving and jumping with child like excitement almost uncontrollably. Smiling at the participants that were playing out the characters of my mom, my sister (the one observing her own constellation), and her childhood friend she was playing with in that particular moment. I watched them with great love and anticipation for whatever would happen next as though I was watching them play in the backyard together. You know, the magic of the child who has no expectations and moves from one thing to another following whatever brings them happinesss.

    Boom! All of a sudden my excitement was gone and I had a very heavy feeling. I fell to my knees as I peered through the window. When the facilitator looked at me I blurted out “A very bad accident has happened”. You could have heard a pin drop in the room and then the woman who was observing her own family being played out before her eyes, burst into tears.

    There were many siblings but in this moment she looked at me, we locked eyes again and she said “I know who you are”. I wondered in momentary anticipation before her words came out “you are my sister who committed suicide”. Wow, that was heavy. I, Beth Bell, didn’t see that coming. I was just there as a channel to express the feelings and movements of her sister but in that moment I wasn’t ready for this to be disclosed.

    I sat there channeling her sister and experiencing ‘awe’ at my own death almost as though I didn’t realize I was gone. But by her suggestion, I knew it was true. I was no longer with the others on the other side of that glass window that I earlier had felt called to be placed behind. Now I knew it represented me not being in the room meant I wasn’t on the planet.

    She briefly said to the group through her tears that I had committed suicide and left behind 2 young children. You could see the pain in her face when she starred right at me and said “WHY did you do it? HOW could you leave these children?”. I, Beth Bell, felt a little stunned as the observer. Then she walked over to me and I heard myself say to her through the tears of her sister that started squirting out of my eyes “I lost the magic and I couldn’t get it back, I didn’t know how to get it back”.

    In that moment I felt the darkest place and space that people feel just before they are ready to exit the earth plane. There literally felt like ‘no way out’. I couldn’t see the light, I couldn’t even feel for the two people who were standing in as my children. I was completely numb. The energy, the magic that I had moments before experienced through my inner child was nowhere to be found and I had no way of knowing how to get it back.

    I personally haven’t struggled with suicidal ideations so this felt unreal to me. The faciliator did her healing work with the group — which is a whole other story — and we finished up the session all feeling a tremendous shift and healing for the great loss that had been suffered.

    After these channeling sessions we ask the spirits to leave us and go back to the light where they belong. Some saging is done to faciliate more cleansing from the energy that we represent while channeling the souls who choose to participate. I thought I was fine and went about my day.

    However, I kept feeling these haunting feelings and when I did the message kept surfacing ‘Stay in the Magic’. It took me a few days to really shake off the feelings that would pop back in about ‘the magic is gone and I don’t know how to get it back”. I started to realize my outside world was reflecting what it would be like to experience this emptiness. Random people would approach me and it was evident that their magic was diminished.

    I found myself sharing the story with several people in the following days. The message resonated with everyone that I shared it with whether or not they were suffering depression or not. Everybody could identify with dark moments in their life and the feelings of hopelessness.

    It made me ponder with some excitement if in fact it could be THAT easy to just bring the magic back. A simple, yet profound message. How could I help shift others who couldn’t find any magic? If only I could just pass out wands to everyone!

    It became clear that the magic is only a thought away and is based in gratefulness. Abraham (Esther) Hicks is always reminding us to start with the small things like clean air, water, green grass beautiful butterflies and colors of the flowers blooming before us. It’s an effective technique and it can feel like it takes some work but once you start, the momentum builds and doesn’t have to stop.

    I became so grateful for this unexpected message to “STAY IN THE MAGIC!” as it was a message that not only I needed to hear but many others. If you don’t know how or are having trouble shifting your thoughts, go to a playground and watch the children. Despite what your ego mind might think, it doesn’t take money to have fun. Only a thought and an idea that you are the creator of your life and that there’s a Universe out there always ready to support you.

    Please note that the intent of this article is not to lighten the severity or impact of depression or any of the emotions one may be suffering. It’s mearly a reminder that the magic is all around us and we always have a choice to shift our energy into thoughts that vibrate at a higher level, raising us up to the light. Seeking professional help to guide one through dark times is recommended as we’re not called to go this journey alone. My mission is to assist in “Pollinating the Planet with Love”. I hope you’ll join me?

    With bliss and love from Bali, BB

    You can learn more about my story at

    Follow the messages I get as a Flower Whisperer on instagram: @QueenBlissBee

    Find holiday gifts that help you and your loved ones blossom their bliss on life’s journey!

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  • Volcanic Disaster in Bali

    Should I stay or should I go?

    I feel called to stay in Bali. Despite friends and family back home that think this is a silly idea. To add to the dilemma, I know that if and when the eruption happens, everyone will be able to say to me “I told you so”. Despite this, I’m staying. For now at least. Tomorrow may be different but for today I know I’m meant to be here and support the island. Not because I HAVE to be but honoring that I feel CALLED to stay in this transformative energy. Today in yoga I received a glimpse into the ‘why’.

    Seriously, it feels like it would be easier if the volcano would just erupt — massively — and get it over with. We could clean up and move on. Instead many feel and experience fear in anticipation for what the eruption will bring. I find myself on edge at moments. My funniest example is when I was sitting at my dining room table working, the chair next to me started shaking. My heart was pounding in one second and immediately my mind jumped to ‘it’s a tremor and the volcano is going to blow’. We’ve had so many tremors and very recently a 5.0 earthquake. But then I quickly realized that my dog was scratching an itch and vigorously bumping the chair next to me. This edgy energy is all around as we carry our face masks and goggles, just in case. With that said, there’s a peace here that takes Bali’s magic to another level. Or it could be the calm before the storm of mass destruction. How peace and fear of destruction can exist in the same place at the same time is fascinating.

    The roads are empty, hotels have zero occupancy and restaurants are closing because there is no tourist traffic coming to eat. Those of us that have lived here for years, find it a little refreshing to feel like it’s the Bali we all knew and loved from the past. But the reality is that there is already great despair here and the volcano has only erupted a few puffs of steam and plumes of ash. The drivers have no one to drive, workers are having their salaries cut in half or let go. Everyone needs money. Not for niceties but for necessities.

    As a westerner, it’s interesting to experience along with the Balinese as they have relied on tourists (so have we) for their livelihood for so long that there is now an enormous gap in the flow of money. To amplify things, the Balinese are starting to feel the effects of westernization. They have taken out loans for cars, villas, toys, you name it, to capitalize on the booming tourism industry. Without a savings plan to back up their expenses, many people will be hosed financially. Inevitably we know that when people lose money and possessions the energy can change quickly. Irritability, desperation and eventually unrest that can lead to stealing, cheating and lying to stay alive at all cost. So this will be the biggest test of Bali culture possibly to date. This idea of unrest has crept into my mind as I further evaluated over the last few days — should I stay or should I go? Could Bali become dangerous for a single female who lives alone?

    Today in yoga I set the intension of connecting into the greater energetic vortex here on planet earth. What happened next I wasn’t expecting. As I went through the movements glancing out the window at the birds eye view of Mt Agung, I started to feel emotional. The tears were swelling and I was working on staying in touch with my breath, staying grounded and allowing myself to feel whatever came through.

    Two main messages were loud and clear. Gratitude and compassion are critical to the survival of this volcanic storm. Yes, they are always applicable but highlighted at this point in time. While these are basic concepts, sometimes the application can be more of an opportunity than we expect. Once the energy of those words resonated within me, I couldn’t hold back the tears. The feeling of ‘how can I help?’. I’m here to shine the light but I want to do more. Then an idea came to me.

    At Blossom Bliss Bali we have been focused on supporting the Balinese from the beginning as we manufacture in family compounds to support local villages. While being in a larger manufacturing center has many benefits to profitability, we’ve chosen to support the families in my lead silversmiths village. Why? Because they work with empowered hearts and are committed to our mission of “Pollinating the Planet with Love” by blessing each piece with love as they are hand-crafted.

    It only feels right to help give back in a bigger way. Not only by remaining in the local villages by providing jobs but to give a donations from our sales to organizations who are supporting the over 71,000 Balinese evacuee’s and all the others who will soon be in dire need of basic resources. Soon there will be a larger cry from the majority of Balinese who will be out of work for an unknown and possibly extended period of time. I want to help by providing funding to key non-profit organizations who continue to assist others.

    Since my corporate background was in women’s health, I’m passionate about helping woman. We will be donating proceeds to the Bumi Sehat Foundation who’s focus is on providing birthing and pre/post natal support to mothers and children in need. The non profit organization is lead by Robin Lim who back in 2011 won CNN’s hero of the year award for her miraculous work assisting pregnant woman and children to receive the care they need.

    We’ve set a goal to sell 1000 Mini Mantra Word Bar® Necklaces by Jan 31st by hitting this goal we’ll donate 15 million Rupiah to the Bumi Sehat Foundation and other non-profit organizations in need of support. The mantras on the necklace are worn close to the heart helping to manifest your desire and blossom abundance. So it’s a win-win for everyone and a way we can support the greater cause of Pollinating the Planet with Love.

    My wish is that you’ll join in! Click through on this link to hear more about our unique necklaces and find a mantra that’s right for you, someone you love or a team of people at work.

    Read more about Bumi Sehat at

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  • Everybody’s Lonely, Even Elon Musk

    Everybody’s lonely. Until you meet and know your soul.

    It totally resonated with me when Elon said “…no one there — and no one on the pillow next to you. Fuck…”

    Most think life is about having a family, being part of a family. Having friends, money, fast cars and now spaceships. But even when people have everything they think makes life ‘perfect’, there can still be deep loneliness. Lots of distractions get in the way of us uniting with our soul. Good ones, bad ones, neutral ones, busy ones. In the end soulful companionship is what life is all about. The question is with whom?

    Recently I read an article published a few months ago in Rolling Stones magazine where Elon Musk showed his heart on his sleeve. Side note: I learned about Elon’s existance on the planet only a few months ago. When I first heard him speak, I knew that one day I would meet him. I instantly grew to be a big fan of the guy and now an even bigger fan. Why? not for all the reasons everyone else loves him but because he allowed himself to be vulnerable. He spoke his heart to someone who was going to document every word, every quiver and any tear that might swell or be shed. And most likely misrepresent him in some, if not many ways.

    My friend who sent me the article knows how much I admire Elon. She thought that I wouldn’t be so attracted to what the reporter called out as ‘textbook codependence’ when referring to his personal relationships. This was in reference to Elon saying “If I’m not in love, if I’m not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy”. Despite what the report deducted, I didn’t see him as a weak soul needing another to make his life happy. Instead I raved about how in touch with his soul he may be.

    I totally identified with his loneliness. Not because I need someone or he needs someone. For me I can say that having another person on the planet who knows you and gets you on a glactical level is a beautiful & rare thing. When we go for a lifetime and don’t find them, inevitably we’re going to feel lonely.

    The reporter did go on to say “It is lonely at the top. But not for everyone. It’s lonely at the top for those who were lonely at the bottom.” True, so true. Because it always has been and forever will be lonely until you connect with the deepest parts of your soul. And soulmates, Divine compliments, glactical partners, whatever you want to call them don’t necessarily come along every day. I believe Elon is looking for his galactical kin that can also be his human earth plane soul mate. And maybe take a few trips to Mars together even if it remains in another dimension until Space X figures out all the kinks to launching rocket travel & holidays to Mars.

    Here’s the trick. We meet those galactical partners when we find our own soul first. For those of us not looking to settle for anything other than a Divine Compliment, we’re searching / waiting for that signature vibration that we experience with deep soul familiarity. I have so much to say about this as my personal journey is loaded with big love, big heartbreak and cycles that suck followed by bliss. All in my quest to be happy as a human. Which is why I’m excited to unexpectadly be writing my book “Big Love — Fuck Forever & Focus on Now” to help stop the suffering. It gauges us back into our inner soul work instead of trying to find ‘the one’ to launch us to the moon and back. The Galactical partner will only arrive when one knows their soul. It can be a ‘slowly — slowly’ process, as we say here in Bali.

    For many, it’s the darkest of times that lead us to learn that our soul is speaking to us loud and clear at ALL times. Because for most of us, we’re tough cookies. We’re programed to make it happen, be happy, and if we’re not — find distractions / activities that appeal to our outer selves. When the reality is that it’s always the inner self that has the longing. Not to belong but to BE. To express oneself. To not judge oneself. To know oneself and to share oneself with another, unconditionally.

    If you find yourself thinking ‘what the hell is she talking about?’ Please pause for a moment and you’ll know, exactly what I’m talking about. That longing for something more. There’s no amount of money, no perfect partner and no dream job that gives you the unconditional love that your soul desires for your self. We have so many beautiful souls that came to demonstrate this for us, Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, Ernest Hemmingway, Vincent Van Gogh, need I go on?

    Many of us wait to do the work until things get bad. Well, actually unbearable. Then action is inevitable. It’s like no choice, finally makes us desire a choice. To live differently, to love more and above all else love ourselves. When we do, our soul shines through.

    I can’t think of anything better then to want to shine pure light and love onto the world. When we do we can be “Pollinating the Planet with Love” together. And by the way, don’t you think the planet is screaming for this now more than ever? As I sit here waiting for Mount Agung in Bali to blow its top any day with potentially a very explosive eruption and the fires in CA are burning down peoples homes. Planetary choas or Divine order?

    With bliss and love from Bali, BB

    You can learn more about my story at

    Follow the messages I get as a Flower Whisperer on instagram: @QueenBlissBee

    Find holiday gifts that help you and your loved ones blossom their bliss on life’s journey!

    All quotes and photos of Elon Musk taken from his interview with Rolling Stones Magazine.

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  • 12AzgZYOtylqWHSsa_inVUZ2g.jpeg

    Mt Agung, Bali -Burping or erupting??

    I live in Bali but was visiting family and friends when Mt Agung first ‘woke up’. There was a real and imminent threat that it would erupt. I remained calm which is much easier to do when you’re literally on the other side of the planet! But I knew that there was great significance of this massive mystery of mother nature.

    The last time it erupted was in 1963. It was devistating and killed over a thousand people with many more injured and sick. As I shared with my parents that Mt Agung was the same type of volcano as Mt Saint Helens, it trigged my dad to ask me if I remembered what happened during its eruption? I didn’t as it was 1980 and I had alot of other things on my mind. He reminded me that the north face of the volcano opened and it was a massive, unexpected eruption. My mother chimmed in that the ash fell in North Dakota which was a few thousand miles away. Hmmmm, so the reports of my village, Ubud, being in the ‘safe’ zone seemed a bit unlikely. Against their wishes to delay my trip home, I joyfully flew back to Bali. However, I was sensitised to the magnitude of destruction a volcano can have, especially on a small island.

    Life back home in Bali seemed normal. Until one morning while talking to my friend in S Cal my chair started to shake at 5:55am. There was a jolt, a sway and ripples that couldn’t be missed. Wow, the power of Mother Nature became clear to me as I sat in awe of what just happened while also wondering if there would be an aftershock. Everything quickly settled but I was shook up as though a reminder was in order to not underestimate the unpredictability of what was happening below the earths surface.

    I headed off to yoga that morning and saw the most magnificent view from the studio. It was the 21st of Nov and the peace that I experienced felt a bit odd after the early morning shake and despite the steam that was exiting the top there was serenity. On this particular day, the volcano was only expressing some burps with no drama of an eruption in the making. Then as I went through the movements in my yoga class, I had the most powerful experience with the energy of the volcano. It’s difficult to put into words but I can only say that there is so much more going on in the energetic matrix that most people can’t see and don’t know about.

    It reminded me how small we are on the planet but how powerful we can be. How we can connect to source energy that is much larger than us and yet within us at the same time. A wonderful reminder that we can leverage the power of Mother Nature to activate our own super power.

    Days later we saw a whole other side of the volcano that we thought was going to be much more than a burp. However, we still await the massive eruption that seems imminent.

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    adminMt Agung, Bali -Burping or erupting??
  • Flower Sipping

    I recently learned while interviewing one of my guests, Katie Hess, on the Beth Bell Radio Show radio show about what I now call ‘flower sipping’.

    I am a Flower Whisperer. I get messages from flowers when I observe or photograph them. It just happens. I started to realize my connection with flowers over 10 years ago when I bought a new camera with a lens that could take close up shots. It was then that the flowers captured me and I was mezmerized by their inner beauty.

    When I paused to see their inner beauty, mother nature made a display of them with the sparkle of the rain drops, the movement of the sun or the blowing of the wind. In total I’m sure I’ve spent days observing these beautiful works of art. It’s really quite magical to sit, see and hear what they have to teach. They are 100% of the time in complete surrender. They have no expectations and they don’t judge. Can you imagine a world like this?

    I wasn’t sure what was happening all those years when I found myself starring at the flowers. Then one day it hit me. They were actually speaking to me. Not in literal terms but in what I’d call drop in’s, a message, a truth, an inspiration. The words and phrases just came to me and I found myself listening. Wow, so much wisdom to share. I wanted to capture the messages, share them and embody them.

    So I wrote a book about the 4 Life Lessons from Flowers called “Flower Power 4 Pure Love”. It’s ready to launch but hasn’t blossomed just yet.

    When I interviewed Katie, the flower alchemist, everything started to make more logical sense as I’d been in the world of woo woo with the flowers. When she talked about their vibration and their healing power and how they communicate with the rest of nature, it just all clicked. The flower essence is the vibration from the flower that she captures in her Lotus Wei products. It’s through the different vibrations that mother nature can heal and support us.

    I learned the flowers are not just visually stimulating the brain but exuding a vibration that has real impact. What made it all so clear is when she talked about how the flowers communicate with the bees. The flower emits a vibration and the bee picks it up from the hairs on its leg. How genius is that?

    How to take in this sacred healing energy? Easy enough, take the flower essence products that Katie sells at Lotus Wei. However, I live in Bali and its not easy to get products shipped here. When she told me that the ancient and wise teachers sipped the dew off the pedals of the flowers in the morning, I knew exactly what to do. Start sipping flowers.

    If people don’t already think I’m crazy enough starring and photographing the same lotus flower for 30 minutes while waiting for it to open, now they see me sipping the morning water off the pedals. I can only imagine the comments but I know and mother nature knows, that I’m taking in the best vibration the planet has to offer.

    Now I’m the flower whisperer and sipper and proud of it!

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