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Beth Bell

Raised in a small North Dakota town of 2,500 people, Beth dutifully checked off the boxes:

There was only one problem: This was not the life her soul had signed up for.

The Book

Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics divulges Beth’s unlikely journey of spiritual awakening. From romantic encounters to toad venom visions to angels in blue jeans, Beth’s story exposes that the soul’s true path can get messy, irrational, and even downright dangerous.

Beth’s memoir strips away the veil of a picture-perfect life to reveal the illusions of self, the bliss of divine oneness, and all the healing, aching, chaotic beauty in between.


Do You Feel...

Beth’s memoir offers...

Hi, I'm


My passion is to inspire you to transform your relationships to love and life. I offer new ways of thinking and being to help you strengthen your spiritual toolbox. In the book Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics I share vulnerable stories that can help you accelerate your own personal growth.

When we unravel our minds and break through the belief systems that don’t serve our highest good, we can transcend suffering and live our best lives.

Every relationship provides an opportunity to grow, expand, and understand who you really are, not who you think you are…or think you need to be for others.

We have the power to create our own existence and design life’s experiences.  My goal is to empower you on your spiritual journey and know that you are not alone!

The 5 Pearls of Wisdom
allow your soul to drive

Spiritual intelligence provides you with knowledge, embodying wisdom helps you flow in the soul’s plan

Spend less time in the chaos the mind creates

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