A Devil and A Guru: is there a difference?

The guru & the devil — is there a difference?

Perhaps no — either can be framed as a misuse of power through the projections of the mind…

Understandably, “power” is the beast that is driving the momentum of the planet. There’s an eternal fight of love vs. fear in the minds of humans. This is what creates the dualistic view we all maneuver through on earth. While the topic may feel foreign to many, the more we embrace the idea that we are souls having a human experience, the more efficient we are in achieving peace, happiness and bliss in our lives.

Do we need to judge the actions or beliefs of one another? The answer is a resounding NO. What if we eliminated the thoughts about others completely and we were the only human standing? We would inevitably eliminate “monkey see, monkey do”. We started there and we actually haven’t evolved that far despite the revolutionary advances in technology. We’re still watching and judging others, no?

Speaking of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) gets us deeper into the illusion of power. Who’s in control? Me, you, money, love, fear or the bacteria in our bodies? Something outside of ourselves that claims to have something you don’t? A guru who is perceived to have some super power that you don’t see inside yourself? Wonderful topics to talk about but much more enticing to experience in order to blow up the illusions that we came here to expose.

So we bring experiences with the devil & guru archetypes into our lives to blossom the core of our being. It accelerates humanity to move out of thinking a guru is necessary and highlights the light within ourselves. The desire to dance with the devil will remain until the light is so palatable that we know there is no other choice than to know our own light and shine it brightly. Non attachment and no need to feel fulfilled by helping others to maintain their power while losing yours — results in the freedom that the soul desires.

As a human race we strive for acceptance, recognition and validation for why we are here. Often times this relates to things, an image or a persona that others perceive as powerful. But it’s when we know that our power is within and has nothing to do with the outside world — we know that we are the bliss.

Cheers to the Guru that lies within and the ability to laugh at our own density. Namaste.

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