Don’t give away your flashlight…

Hello awakened warriors!!! As compassionate people who are often empaths on this earth walk, this blog is for YOU!

I struggled for years, continuously giving away my flashlight 🔦 not even knowing I was doing it! Innately I have this ability to see others’ potential, which I also didn’t realize was a gift and a bit of a curse until recent years. This was one of my biggest assets and hardest downfalls to learn. What do I mean by this?

Since my soul started quickening in 2005, I’ve wanted to help others wake up on their journey. I became somewhat obsessed with wanting to assist loved ones and friends to get out of emotional suffering. As I built my spiritual toolbox, I wanted to share my tools. Sounds like a noble thing to do, right? But where I sidestepped was when I gave away one particular tool. Wanna guess what it is??

My flashlight.

I wanted so desperately for others to have the experiences I was having that I would give them my flashlight. Then I’d go collect more flashlights, and the distribution went on for years. I felt great about it because I thought I was helping others. What I wasn’t realizing is that when people’s batteries went out in their flashlights, they either came back to me for another one, went to someone else for a new flashlight, or they stole one or more from communities of light-filled people. I was enabling others to suck light instead of doing their own inner work to make their flashlight sustainable for themselves.

I couldn’t quite get that everyone needs to have their own intrinsic desire to find their own flashlight and a way to recharge their own battery. I did this with all my employees in my retail store in Ubud Bali, also with friends and family, and I especially did it with romantic love relationships. For lovers, I would give away my floodlight for them to bask in and recharge themselves. Unfortunately, at the same time, I was allowing them to deplete my light as the sharing and basking wasn’t always mutual. Not in all cases was it intention — to take more than to give — but I was attracting men that had a vibrational imbalance from mine. Being connected to Source energy, I knew how to find more light to recharge. So allowing them do it seemed kind of natural and nurturing. I felt destined to help my lover heal their wounds, wake up, and live happily ever after with me.

WHOA! Was I so wrong!!! In fact, I’ve had it all wrong for years.

My hope is that my mistakes and learnings can help you to take a shortcut to not giving your flashlight away or recharging others’ batteries. Why? Because everyone needs to do it themselves to be self-sustaining. And if you realize that maybe you are someone who has been using someone else’s flashlight and find yourself saying that you “don’t have it in you,” then this blog might not be right for you. Because if you don’t step up, you’ll most likely find yourself continuing to crawl in the darkness, hoping someone else may come along with a flashlight you can use. Sorry to sound so dramatic, but this journey of waking up and shining your light is not easy, no matter who you are.

Breaking through the beliefs of the collective conscious, the thought constructs and rules that hold it together, and the belief that we are all individuals needs to blow up. That’s why you are a woke warrior or a soldier in training.

The key to this journey is to shine your light and show the way. If you stay with someone in their suffering, you won’t transcend your own. Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t help each other on the journey; it simply means we don’t let others suck our light. Everyone needs to do their own work. I think I’ve already said that!?

If you’re already on your accelerated awakening journey, you’ll know of past relationships that ran your battery dry. The imbalance of over giving without receiving at a similar level will eventually catch up with you. All the back-bending, compromising, finding ways to make others feel better, and not speaking your Truth needs to end now. It’s taking a stance and not letting others tell you that you’re a dreamer, in an alternative universe, or whatever popular phrase is trending to shut someone’s light down.

NOW is the time. The veil is thinning, don’t get caught up in other people’s drama who want to stay in the mud of suffering. Protect your flashlight — not out of fear — but out of peace, love, and joy. You’ve done the work, and it’s your time to shine the light and show the way!!

Keep shining, beautiful souls! Your time has come; step in, go deeper and complete your Divine blueprint for this lifetime!


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