Why you shouldn’t cut ethereal life cords, especially with lovers…

I used to be big on ‘cord cutting’ until I read about how traumatizing this can be. Yes, of course, these are all ideations of the mind, but as humans, we use words and concepts as a way of understanding and communicating.

Cutting can often give some immediate relief and the feeling of cutting dead weight. But when it’s cut, the end of the cord remains deeply embedded. For lovers, entangled cords can be in all chakras, but the heart and solar plexus are often entwined the tightest.

Let’s start from the beginning with ethereal cords and intimacy. It’s said that when we have sexual intercourse or share sexual energy with someone, we are already beginning the entanglement process. Yes, from the first kiss. Our body reacts at a cellular level, and the beautiful chemical reactions of oxytocin and serotonin start to fire up. Our innate desire as sexual beings may be ignited ever so slightly.

Then unknowingly, our mind quickly grabs the opportunity to start building thoughts around the experience. What will happen next? And the excitement builds. Will he or she want to go further? Maybe not today but on the next date? The voices continue in our heads. How far do I WANT to go right now? How well do I know this person? The narrative goes crazy. If not in that moment, definitely after we walk away wondering, “what does this person mean to me?” Women often ask, “is he the one?” And men often ask, “how long will it take me to get her clothes off?” Of course, those are generalizations and the extremes of sensual chemistry, but they are super common thoughts people think.

Generally speaking, women often want all the rush of emotions to mean something, and men want to act on them. Neither position is good or bad, just very different perspectives.

Back to the cords, the chemical reaction the body has in combination with the mind’s ability to develop storylines is a fascinating combination. The energy swirls, and often time if our heart is open, we allow the energies to come into our bodies. You know, like feeling butterflies in your stomach or walking with an extra skip in your step?! It’s fun, and before you know it, you’re spending more time with that ‘special’ (another topic) someone. The feelings of being together become more and more euphoric as all the energies entwine further. Sexual acts and intimacy allow more cords to swirl, and before you know it, you’re in love. Ok, admittedly, some of this is the fairytale kind of romance story. Work with me, as I’m just using it as an example to make a point.

Another important thing to note is that the stronger the chemistry often means, the deeper the wound you may share with your new partner. We typically only see the bliss of ALL the things we love about our partner. It’s magic and ROMANTIC LOVE is a drug!!! However, all drugs wear off, and this is where the work comes in. But that’s for another blog as I want to talk about the ending, where your heart is broken, and you’re desperate to cut the cords to get out of the misery of the mind, the longing for companionship, and the incredible sexual connection.

The cords are embedded in the wounds. This is the juicy part where all the lessons are learned. If you don’t learn them with your current partner, you’ll get them again with another. And this can go on for lifetimes if we don’t wake up to it. The deep wound work is typically where the partnership breaks off. One or both partners aren’t ready to face their wounds. If they are not healed, the individual continues to project their wounds onto others. Often not willing to see that it’s theirs to heal. So, a choice needs to be made. Should I stay or should I go now??

That’s ultimately up to you but if you don’t have a partner willing to go deep and you are, get out. Stop giving your flashlight and march forward through the heartbreak releasing all emotions that aren’t serving you. You’ll see the light sooner than you think. But you MUST dislodge — not cut — the cords from your partner. If you don’t, you’ll be pulled back when you least expect it or want it. And chances are, they are still not ready to do the work. No matter how convincing they may sound that they’ve changed or that they are ready to awaken. Let them show you first that they’ve done the work. Actions always speak louder than words.

Pull the plug for complete sovereignty over your energy system. Without doing this, it will be VERY difficult to move forward. Trust me, I know. Not because I’m a guru at removing cords, but because I wasn’t. I’ve gone back into relationships way too many times, thinking I was helping the other in their awakening process. Only to find out that they were strategically placed (and relationships designed by me) to hold me back from my own ascension. I’ve done it more times than I’d like to admit. If you’ve read my book, you know. And you cringed and cried for me, exclaiming, “No! Not again!”


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