Orgasmic Meditations & Feminine Power with Emunah Malinovitz

Female sexual energy is a powerful topic that is discussed in detail and spans from bees to orgasmic meditation and ultimately the power of a woman’s most private parts. You’ll have a deeper understanding of pleasure, connection, and the power it holds.

Sex, Orgasm, and the power of the yoni is discussed in this episode.  It’s filled with personal stories and pearls of wisdom regarding the power of female energy.  Learn about the ‘orgasmic mediation’ or the OMing technique and how it helps you connect to your power.  We do talk about a woman’s honey pot and let’s just say it’s not G rated so you should wear your headset for this episode if you’re not alone in the room.

About Emunah Malinovitz

Emunah Malinovitz has studied, love, sex, and how to have passionate relationships for over 20 years. She is committed to helping people truly have the relationships of their dreams which includes having the best sex of their lives!  She is a teacher, healer, intuitive, channel priestess, and spiritual guide.

She leads spiritual epic adventures around the world and helps couples and singles, who are ready to attract the love of their life. Her proven methods have turned marriages around and brought what she calls wholemates together to have sacred love that lasts.

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