Don’t Take It Personal with Joel Young

Especially during challenging times, being your authentic self is important. Learn how to not take things so personal and do the inner reflection that helps you to stay grounded and happy. Joel Young is the creator and curator of the Non-Personal Awareness process known as NPA.

Relationships can be challenging when we take things personal.  In this episode you’ll learn how to make big shifts by learning how to stop taking things personally!  Learn how the NPA process helps you to stay in your authentic self and stop worrying about other people’s opinions.  This unique process assists you to be who you really are and create an agenda-free mindset.”

About Joel Young

Joel Young is the Creator and custodian of NPA, which stands for non-personal awareness, which is a beautiful, simple, and amazingly powerful approach for letting go of blocks and living your dreams.  With over 25 years experience of healing and teaching internationally, Joel brings a depth of wisdom and a great deal of energy along with humor to his inspiring talks and seminars.  Joel is considered a visionary leader in the field of human consciousness, and has been dubbed a 21st-century heretic.  In just a few years, Joel has seen NPA spread to over 18 countries and has recently started adding certified NPA teachers into the fold. 

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