Stand in Your Power with Charmaine Haworth

Struggling with a rare disease diagnosis of her young son, Charmaine experienced challenges that have lead to a miraculous treatment that’s made a magnificent change for her son and many others.

Charmaine has lived an extraordinary life and found a way to overcome many of life’s challenges.  Her son being diagnosed with a rare illness catapulted her into finding the resonance capsule that changed his life’s projectory.  This unique experience has brought them both back to LOVE for the healing that is now being shared with many others through 8Harmony.  She’s focused on helping others go inward to find their own power through resonance therapy.

About Charmaine Haworth

Charmaine Haworth grew up living in Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, the UK, Thailand, and currently lives in San Diego.   She discovered at an early age that the same fears and challenges affect human beings, all over the world.  She supports smart successful men and women in letting go of destructive, old patterns to feel deeply alive.  Her clients love her insights, her playful calming presence, and the powerful methods that she uses to guide them while letting go of old beliefs and unlocking the secrets to honouring themselves and living powerfully. 

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