I am a spiritual narcissist…

I coined the term spiritual narcissist because I had the thought that if all my spiritual friends could be narcissist for the light, the world would change overnight… So, I laughed when reflecting upon my social media handle: @QueenBlissBee as it sounds a bit pretentious or fluffy. Don’t you think?

However, it was created in fun several years ago when I began my mission of “pollinating the planet with love.” As I’ve thought about this more, it’s quite fitting because I am the queen of my domain, AND so are you!

For years I didn’t feel like I fit into many social circles and found that I was hiding my light — at times — from the world. Years later, I realized that I’m here simply to shine the light, show the way and help others know that THEY are the Kings and Queens — aka creators — of their life. Not because they have power and control or ridiculous amounts of money. It’s because they are in charge of their internal world. The only place where pure unconditional love, joy, and peace are found.

It’s that point in life where you finally realize that you’ve been letting the external world drive your view of yourself. It’s the most obvious spiritual secret that can take lifetimes to unveil! Yes, you are the creator. The movie The Secret brought forward the law of attraction in the most miraculous way, and many were able to utilize it to attract everything they wanted, or so they thought. However, many others have struggled for years to manifest even a free cup of coffee. Why is this the case if the law states that what we ask for will be ours?

I’m guessing you already know the answer? It’s because the person didn’t FEEL they already had it, and that stopped them from receiving it because they were in the energy of WANTING it. So, the universe was proving to you exactly what you were resonating with to be consistent with your reality. Let’s take it to another level.

This is where the external world and the power of the mind are working behind the scenes, often times AGAINST you! The real secret is to get it working FOR you, and the best way to do this is to allow your soul to drive, not your mind. That can be easier said than done until you are really ready to break through the illusional veil. But how?

This is where the 5 Pearls of Wisdom come in to assist you in embodying your Queen 👑 and King 👑 energy. When we navigate life by these core pearls of wisdom, we are truly allowing the soul to drive. In order to do so, the mind needs to be mastered, and the external world defamed from the storylines it tries to tell you are true.

Believe me, once the mind is in the back seat and the soul is driving, the external world will do a 360 and provide you with everything you desire and deserve. Why? Because abundance is your natural birthright!

So spiritual junkies, my challenge to you is to become ‘Spiritual Narcissists!’ Now! There’s no time like the present to unwrap what you came here to do, think, and feel. Stop allowing others and the external environment to reflect limiting beliefs and ideas of who THEY think you are, and step into who you really are!!!!


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